How to Apply for NBI Clearance Online

NBI Clearance Online Application is a new implemented system to get an NBI Clearance faster, easier and more convenient to applicants. However, the applicants still need to go to the National Bureau of Investigation branch or center for the biometric fingerprint scanning, photo capturing and getting the NBI Clearance. This guide will walk you though the entire process on how to apply for NBI Clearance Online from the registration, payment procedure and final output.

The long queue of applicants and time consuming procedure have been lessened due to this implemented system. There might be hundreds or thousands of NBI Applicants go to the offices every working days but it won’t take long before your turn.

How to Apply for NBI Clearance Online

This guide is applicable for those first time to apply for NBI Clearance. For those who want’s to renew the old clearance online, read How to Renew NBI Clearance Online.

The “main” objectives of NBI online application are:

  • To register in the NBI Online Database.
  • To select an NBI branch and set an appointment date to go to the office.
  • To pay the NBI Clearance fee in selected mode of payment.
  • To print the NBI Clearance Form with Reference Number.

How to Apply for NBI Clearance Online (NBI Online Application)

1. Go to the NBI Clearance Online Application Website

Step 1 NBI Clearance Online Application Website

The very first step to begin with the NBI Online Application is to visit their official website for NBI Clearance. Go to

2. Register a New Account

Step 2 Register a New Account

The landing page looks similar/exactly (if no changes have been made) to the image above. What you want to do is to Register A New Account. In the first question, DO YOU HAVE AN OLD NBI CLEARANCE? Assuming this is your first time, chose NO. Then fill-up the registration form with the correct information.

Make sure to input an active email address since an account activation email will be sent to the email address afterwards. Make sure to memorize your password, too. Check the box for I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE ACCEPT SIGN UP. A confirmation pop-up up message should appear to make sure the information is correct and you are willing to proceed. Then, click OK.

3. Sign in to your NBI Clearance Account

Step 3 Sign in to your NBI Clearance Account

After you click the SIGN UP button, an account activation email should be sent to your in few minutes. But you can skip this step if you don’t receive any email from NBI. Sign in to your account by entering your email address and password on the sign-in form above. Then click SIGN IN button.

4. Fill-up and Save the NBI Clearance Application Form

Step 4 Fill-up and Save the NBI Clearance Application Form

In your account overview after you have signed in, the NBI Clearance Application Form will be shown. Fill-up the blank fiends but you can’t change anymore the permanent one’s. Those are the details you entered in the registration form. Then, click the SAVE INFORMATION button.

5. Apply for Clearance and Enter PIN CODE

Step 5 Apply for Clearance and Enter PINCODE

Click the APPLY FOR CLEARANCE button located at the upper right corner of the webpage. After clicking, you’ll be asked to set-up a PIN CODE for your NBI Clearance Account. Set a 6-digit PIN CODE of your preference. Memorize it or put in on paper.

6. Enter the ID to be Presented

Step 6 Enter the ID to be Presented

This is to confirm on what ID you will be showing upon claiming your NBI Clearance in the office. Enter at least 1 Valid ID.

Sample of Accepted IDs: Valid Passport, Voter’s ID, Driver’s Licence, SSS ID, TIN ID, UMID ID, School ID, Postal ID, NSO Birth Certificate, etc.

7. Set an Appointment Schedule

Step 7 Set an Appointment Schedule

The next step is to select an NBI Branch where you will claim your NBI Clearance. You can scroll below the Select NBI Branch dropdown menu and find the NBI Branch in your area. Then, chose the date of your appointment or the date where you’ll go to the office. The blue boxes separated by AM and PM are your choices which means slots are still available. For example you want to go to June 30, 2017 in the afternoon, chose the lower blue box which shows PM in June 30 calendar.

Next, select the Purpose of the Clearance is it to be used in Local or Abroad. If you are using it as a job requirement in your town, chose LOCAL for the Purpose Field then chose LOCAL EMPLOYMENT for the Purpose Details Field. The amount for the clearance should be shown.

8. Select Payment Option

Step 8 Select Payment Option

Lastly, select the mode of payment to complete the transaction. Options will be given and you can pay through Bank Over the Counter, Online Bank, Mobile Payment, Bayad Center, MultiPay, ECPay and 7-Eleven Branches. For the general public, the most common mode of payment is through 7-Eleven Branches or Bayad Centers.

There is an additional fee of ₱25 for the electronic payment service.

Step 7a Payment Reminder Step 7b Payment Transaction Summary 2 Step 7c Reference Number

A Reminder and Transaction summary should be shown then the Reference Number to be used for payment. If you chose to pay through 7-Eleven Store, just tell the cashier you are paying for an NBI Clearance. Give the REFERENCE NUMBER and Payment of ₱140 (₱115 NBI Clearance Fee + ₱25 Electronic Payment Service Fee).

9. Print the NBI Online Application Form

Step 9 Print the NBI Online Application Form

After the payment has been made, wait for at least 1 working day for the payment to be validated. Log-in to your NBI Clearance Account Online then go to the Transactions Menu located in the upper left corner of the webpage. If the status is still PENDING, wait for it a little longer. If the status is PAID, click the DETAILS button and PRINT IT.

The final output of the NBI Online Application is the Printed Application Form with Reference Number.

This is the end procedure of NBI Online Application but it is only the first step to get your NBI Clearance. The next thing you have to do is to show up in the selected NBI Branch on the appointment date, proceed to fingerprint scanning and photo capturing then finally, get the hard copy of your NBI Clearance. As a continuation, a separate overview or guide has been written about the entire procedure. Please read  How to Get NBI Clearance – Procedure and Requirements.

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