How to Get NBI Clearance – Requirements and Procedure

The National Bureau of Investigation Clearance or NBI Clearance is one of the most known clearances in the Philippines needed by the citizens in different purposes it may serve. The most common purpose of the clearance is for local employment since it is required by the registered companies in the county for its new employees. This is the step by step guide on how to get NBI Clearance in the Philippines, its requirements and procedure.

NBI Clearance is a reference used by companies or organizations to check if its holder has criminal cases filed in any courts of the Philippines. The scope of it is the entire country and not limited to a certain province or town. Aside from local employment, some other purposes of the clearance includes traveling abroad, change of name, ID purposes, Naturalization, student VISA and more.

How to Get NBI Clearance Requirements and Procedure

Hundreds or thousands of people visit NBI branches/centers to get an NBI Clearance. So if you are going to get one, its better to know first the entire procedure so you won’t go to the NBI branch and know nothing what to do or where to go. It consumes time, money and effort.

Some of the procedures have changed. Improvements were made to make the entire process faster and more convenient to everybody. Read and understand carefully every step and do not worry if you don’t know how to do this or do that. This guide will help you get your NBI Clearance soon enough.

How to Get NBI Clearance

1. Apply for an NBI Clearance Online

The traditional way of getting an NBI Clearance have changed few years back. Due to the advances made by science and technology, the National Bureau of Investigation took a grasp of its benefits in making the procedure of acquiring an NBI Clearance easier, faster and more convenient to the applicants. Differentiate the new and old procedure below.

Before: Fill-up the form Data Check Payment Encoding Finger Print and Photo capture Clearance Printing

All of these steps takes long queue and long time of waiting. The new procedure takes only few steps.

Today: NBI Online Application Biometric fingerprint scanning and photo capturing Clearance Printing

The long line in getting the NBI form, filling-up the form, checking the data, payment and encoding have been replaced by the NBI Online Application. For applicants who are not “techy“, don’t worry or overthink. A separate tutorial have been made about this, just continue reading.

The 3 main objectives in the NBI Online Application is to register online, pay the NBI Clearance fee (in any bayad centers, 7-11 store, banks, etc. options will be given) and print the NBI form with the Reference Number.

The final document you need to bring in claiming your NBI Clearance is the printed NBI form with Reference Number located in the upper right corner of the form. The Reference Number is auto-generated, you don’t have to make your own number.

All NBI Clearance applicants are advised to register online and have their appointment date set in advance. Read carefully this guide How to Apply for NBI Clearance Online (NBI Online Application)

2. Go to the nearest NBI Branch/Center

After you have done the NBI Online Application, the next thing you have to do is to go to the nearest NBI Branch/Center in your appointment date. Make sure to wear proper attire and bring the requirements.

NBI Clearance Requirements: The printed NBI form with Reference Number (final output of NBI Online Application) and 2 Valid IDs (Valid Passport, Voter’s ID, Driver’s Licence, SSS ID, TIN ID, UMID ID, School ID, Postal ID, NSO Birth Certificate, etc.)

In the NBI Online Application, there is a confirmation on what ID you will present in the NBI branch. Make sure to bring that one and bring other ID just in case.

Remember: Go only to the selected NBI Branch in your online application and follow the date of your appointment.

3. Proceed to fingerprint scanning and photo capturing

Politely tell the officer in charge, a guard or someone in the office that you want to get an NBI Clearance and you have already applied online (make sure to show your printed form to justify your claim). Most of them just want to check the Reference Number in the form. You will then be guided to fall in a queue (if there’s any) to proceed for biometric fingerprint scanning and photo capturing.

4. Get the hard copy of your NBI Clearance

When you are done, you’ll wait again for a while for your name to be called. That’s when your NBI Clearance be given to you fresh from the printer. You’ll be asked to check the credentials (name, address, age, gender, birthdate, etc.) before you leave. If there are errors, politely tell the officer and it will be done fast.

In rare cases, if you have a “HIT”, that’s when you will be given a small slip and asked to come back to the office in a few days (at least a week). Or criminal records have been detected or any issues, you’ll be asked to settle it in the office. But don’t worry if you are of clean conscience, you’ll get your clearance soon.

That’s the step by step guide on How to get NBI Clearance in the Philippines. Hope it made you understand and see the bigger picture or overview of the entire procedure. Make sure to read the other guide on how to do the NBI Online Application.

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