How to Apply for BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard: 8 Steps

BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard is a reloadable prepaid card and a great alternative if you don’t have a credit card. In this guide, you’ll learn how to apply for BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard.

Most of the internet users now likes to purchase online since it’s easier and faster. Online purchases are made easier using this prepaid card. The BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard can be used to book flights, buy products in online shopping sites, and even pay bills online.

Just to be clear, it is not a credit card. The word “credit” is not associated with it. You must load it first before you can use it. If you have current BPI account, you can conveniently load it through online banking account, BPI ATMs (Payment Enclosed using a deposit envelope),  BPI Cash Acceptance Machines (Express Deposit) or Over-The-Counter deposit.

Aside from the fact that this card can be used for online purchases, most people get this to verify Paypal account. Here are some of its features:

  • 100% Application Approval
  • No Maintaining Balance Required
  • Accepted at the widest selection of online shopping sites wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • Valid of 2 years
  • Easy reloading up to ₱100,000.

How to Apply for BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard

There are actually 2 ways on how to apply for this card. You can apply at the nearest BPI branch or apply online. If you chose to go at the BPI branch, just bring at least 2 valid ID (only 1 is required but better to make sure) and around ₱500 for the processing fee. But if you have internet connection, it is quite recommended to apply online since it’s easier and saves more time. You can actually do this in just 5 minutes rather than applying at the bank where you have to travel, get a priority number, wait, fill up the form and spend at least 40 minutes or more. If you chose to do this online, follow the instructions below.

How to Apply for BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard

Step 1. Click the Apply Now Link in the BPI Official Website

Step 1 Click the Apply Now Link in the BPI Official Website

Open your browser and go to (BPI Express Online Official Website). Click the Apply Now link to begin.

Step 2. Chose My ePrepaid

Step 2 Chose My ePrepaid

You’ll then see many available online card applications, go to Prepaid/Gift Cards row and chose My ePrepaid.

Step 3. Read the Purchase Agreement

Step 3 Read the Purchase Agreement

After clicking the My ePrepaid link, you should be directed to “BPI PREPAID CARDS PURCHASE AGREEMENT“. If you have time, do read it and scroll down below. You have to print this page by clicking the printer icon below it since you need to bring this when you claim your card (you can do the printing later). Then, click I Agree button to proceed.

Step 4. Select a Card Type

Step 4 Select a Card Type

In this step, you’ll see many types of cards being displayed. Choose your preferred color of your My ePrepaid Card (Azure or Indigo) then continue to scroll down below it.

Step 5. Fill out the Application Form

Step 5 Fill out the Application Form

Make sure to enter the correct and complete information. Also, read the red notes.

Step 6. Enter the nearest BPI Branch Name and Code

Step 6 Enter the nearest BPI Branch Name and Code 2

On the lowest part of the application form, you should see 2 text boxes which you need to enter Name and Branch Code of the nearest BPI Branch where you will claim your card. Click the Branch Locator button and a new window should be opened. Click on the Branch Locator Link. It didn’t work right? I think they have some error in here but don’t worry I got you covered.

Don’t close that tab yet. Remember when you clicked the Apply Now button on Step 1? Beside the Apply Now link, you should also see the Locator link. Point your mouse on it, a dropdown menu should be displayed and select Branch.

Search your area in the searchbox, see the image above. I searched for Digos City since I want to find the nearest BPI Branch here. Copy the Branch Name and Branch and paste them one by one on the corresponding textboxes.

Step 7. Submit the Application Form

Step 7 Submit the Application Form

Review first all the information you entered. If it’s all good, click the Print Icon to print your application form. Then, for the final step on how to apply for BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard online, click the Submit Button and wait of the application confirmation page to confirm that your application has been received.

Step 8. Claim your BPI My ePrepaid Card

Step 8 Claim your BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard

If Step 7 is successful, then you are at least 7 days away from claiming your first BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard. If you are in NCR, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga or Rizal, you should be able to claim your card in just 5 days. But for the provinces not mentioned, waiting time is least 7 days. BPI has its procedures at it would take those mentioned durations to complete it and have it delivered on your nominated BPI Branch.

For you to claim your card in the BPI Branch you entered in Step 6, bring the following requirements:

  • Printed copy of the BPI Prepaid Card Purchase Agreement Form (Check Step 3)
  • Printed copy of the BPI Prepaid Card Application Form (Check Step 7)
  • Payment for card processing (bring around ₱500 although in their website, the processing fee for the previously mention provinces is ₱350 and for the provinces not mentioned ₱450. Again, at least bring ₱500 to make sure.)
  • Bring 2 valid IDs. (Only 1 ID is require but better bring 2 to make sure.)

That’s the step by step guide on how to apply for BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard. Whether you apply at the BPI Branch or Online, the processing duration and payment are still the same. If you have more concerns, questions, updates or additional useful information regarding this, do let us know in comment below.

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