How to Check Prepaid Load Balance in Iphone: 2 Easy Ways (with Pictures)

There are two easy ways on how to check prepaid load balance in iPhone either you are using iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or the latest iPhone 7. So if you have bought an iPhone, don’t worry because this is one of the struggles of many, including me.

Unlike any other mobile phone brands where the “mobile network menu” is clearly visible on the menu, it’s different in iPhone. You have to dig deep in order to find this option.

How to Check Prepaid Load Balance in iPhone 2 Easy Ways with Pictures

How to Check Prepaid Load Balance in iPhone: 2 Easy Ways (with Pictures)

1. via SIM Application Menu

So the first way on how to check prepaid load balance in iPhone is via SIM Application Menu. What you are trying to find is location of the built in SIM Application where sim options can be found and one is the Prepaid Balance Option. That’s what you want to click on to know your balance. Now to find that, follow the steps below.

1st Step. Go to Settings Menu in your iPhone.

iPhone Settings Menu

2nd Step. Find the Phone Submenu and click on that one, probably that’s after Reminders and before Messages.

Phone Submenu

3rd Step. So find the SIM Applications Menu in the bottom part and click that one.

Sim Applications Option

4th Step. Inside SIM Application Menu, you can find many options, since you want to check your load balance, click on Prepaid Balance Button. Now when you click it seems like nothing happens. It’s okay, just click once or for you to be satisfied click twice. There is no confirmation message like “please wait while we are processing your request,” nothing like that. Just wait for a text message. In my case, I am a Smart Subscriber as you can see on the picture, and it takes few seconds before they texted my prepaid load balance information.

Prepaid Balance Button


2. via Dial Button

The other way to check prepaid load balance in iPhone is via Dial Button. Actually there are many ways to do this but this is the easiest one where you just have to dial a code then your SIM Options will just pop-up base on your mobile network. So this is how to do this.

1st Step. Go the Phone Menu and click on Keypad Option. You can find that in the bottom part of your iPhone.

Keypad Option

2nd Step. For Smart Subscriber, dial *121# then press call button. For Globe Subscriber, dial *143# and for Sun Cellular Subscriber, dial *221# then press call button. Given you are a Smart subscriber like me, Smart SIM Options will pop-up. If you belong to other network, the texts or SIM Option Names might be different but technically the idea is just the same.

Dial Button

3rd Step. Given you have already dialed the code, a SIM Option will pop-up. Again, this example is based on Smart SIM Option. Since you want to inquire your load balance and it’s nothing there, go to “More Options” and to do that, press on the “Reply Button“, “Type 9” then press the “Reply Button” again located at the upper right corner of your iPhone.

Smart Options More Option

4th Step. Additional SIM Options will pop-up again. What you are going to do is to select the My Account option. After that, a confirmation message will pop-up and just click the Dismiss Button and wait for the load balance information via text message.

My Account 9 My Account Confirmation Message

So that was the 2 Easy Ways on How to Check Prepaid Load Balance in iPhone. It worked in my end, hope it worked in your’s.

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