How to Apply for Cignal TV

Cignal TV is the premier Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite television provider in the Philippines. It is available nationwide even in the remote areas since it uses a satellite (not a traditional television antenna or cable wires) to transmit signals. In this guide, you’ll learn how to apply for Cignal TV Plan/Package.

They say if you want to experience 100% digital clarity in television viewing, subscribe to Cignal. As of the year 2015, Cignal TV has already reached 1,180,000 subscribers nationwide. The subscription package includes the satellite dish antenna, remote control and set top box (Integrated Receiver-Decoder).

How to Apply for Cignal TV

Cignal offers postpaid and prepaid subscription plans. You can either pay for your subscription on a monthly basis (Postpaid) or you can cash out a Cignal TV Package and just reload it every month. They transmit Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) channels depending on your subscription plan.

How to Apply for Cignal TV

Step 1. Visit the Cignal TV Website

Step 1 Visit the Cignal TV Website

Visit the Cignal TV Official Website ( Click the Plans Menu and select a subscription plan. It should display options like Postpaid, Prepaid Ultimate HD and more. You can explore all the of the subscription plans offered but for this guide, let’s assume that you want to apply for Prepaid Ultimate HD Subscription then click that one.

Step 2. Select a Subscription Plan

Step 2 Select a Subscription Plan

You should be directed to a webpage containing around 9 Prepaid Ultimate HD Subscription Packages, the Ultimate HD 100, 175, 200, 300, 450, 500, 600, 800 and 1000. These numbers are actually the amounts (in Pesos) for a 30-Day Load. How many SD and HD channels you can watch depends on the subscription package you chose.

As you can see, for Ultimate HD 100, you can watch only 23 SD without any HD channels while the Ultimate HD 1000, you can watch 21 HD and 80 SD channels. Assuming that you want to subscribe for Ultimate HD 100, click the Learn More button to procceed.

Step 3. Learn More about the Selected Plan

Step 3 Learn More about the Selected Plan

In this step, you have to review your selected plan, the Ultimate HD 100 (just an example). Check the channels included (Click the VIEW CHANNEL LINE-UP link to view more) and total cash-out amount.

Ultimate HD 100 Subscription Package Price

  • Cignal HD Kit – ₱ 2,900
  • 30-Day Load – ₱ 100
  • Istallation Fee (minimum) – ₱ 1,000
  • Total Cash-Out – ₱ 4,090

If it’s all good, then click the Apply Now Button.

Step 4. Fill out the Application Form and Wait for Approval

Step 4 Fill out the Application Form and Wait for Approval

This is the final step in Cignal TV online application, fill out the Application Form. Make sure to enter the correct information. The application form is divided into categories/steps.

  • Personal Information
  • Installation Address
  • Billing Address
  • Subscription Plan (*base on the reference on this guide, chose Prepaid >> Ultimate HD 100 >> Next)
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Application Summary

Review all the information you have entered in the last part, the Application Summary. If its all good, click the Submit Button and wait for the confirmation message that your application has been sent and subject for review. Take note that every single application is subject for review and approval by Cignal TV, Inc.

Normally, they will contact you in the phone numbers or email you have given. If days have passed and still you haven’t heard from them, try to ask in your neighbors about any Accredited Cignal TV Retailer/Dealer in your place. And check first the online details of the subscription plan you want to apply for, just in case you need it and not be tricked.

That’s how to apply for Cignal TV Prepaid Subscription Plan. Before you ask in the comment section below try to visit first the Frequently Asked Questions Page on their site. If you have any tips, corrections or additional useful information, feel free to comment below.

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