10 Best Banks in the Philippines 2018

Choosing a bank where to secure a person’s hard-earned money could be bothersome and takes time thinking the best bank. Some people don’t really think hard about it and just follow recommendations of friends or someone. However, most of the people wants to understand it clearly like if opening a savings account to a particular bank, how much could be the interest percentage, withdrawal fee, or is the bank even stable? etc.

Through all the questions and things to know whether you are opening any types of accounts like Savings Account, Checking Account, Certificates of Deposit or Money Market Deposit Accounts, there are hundreds of banks in the Philippines to choose from. In order to lessen the options, below are the best banks in the Philippines.

10 Best Banks in the Philippines 2018

And by best banks, it means they are the largest, most trusted and most popular banks in the country. The 10 best Philippines banks below are ranked according to assets as of September 30, 2017.

10 Best Banks in the Philippines

Rank Bank Name Total Assets in Million Pesos
1 BDO Unibank, Inc. ₱2,484,620.57
2 Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company ₱1,627,441.03
3 Bank of the Philippine Islands ₱1,541,030.66
4 Land Bank of the Philippines ₱1,479,365.22
5 Security Bank Corporation ₱796,957.01
6 Philippine National Bank ₱758,919.00
7 China Banking Corporation ₱607,574.59
8 Development Bank of the Philippines ₱557,458.72
9 UnionBank of the Philippines ₱488,052.24
10 Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation ₱420,353.75

Useful Tip: For more lists and reports about the best banks in the Philippines, check out Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Bank Ranking.

Which bank are you banking with and how it’s going so far? Let us know what you think and drop a comment below.

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