How to Get Cedula

A Community Tax Certificate, commonly known as Cedula or Sedula, is a government-issued document in the Philippines given to any individual upon payment of the community tax. It is very easy to get a Cedula and it can be acquired in just few minutes.

Usually, most people get a Cedula as a requirement for applying for Postal ID, Police Clearance, Passport, Income Tax Return, Licenses among others. Citizens who are 18 years old and above are the ones eligible to get a Cedula. The basic community tax is worth ₱5.

How to Get Cedula

Cedula Requirements

  • At least 1 Valid ID
  • Cash for the Tax Fee

How to Get Cedula

  1. Go to the barangay hall, municipal hall or city hall in your residence and bring the requirements mentioned above.
  2. Politely ask a personnel in the office that you want to get a Cedula. Few questions may be asked and you’ll be given an application slip to fill-up. The entries include: Full Name, Address, Citizenship, Civil StatusProfession/Occupation/Business, Tax Identification Number (if you have), Date and Place of Birth, Height and Weight.
  3. Give the accomplished application slip to the distinguished window for Cedula Issuance.
  4. Pay for the necessary tax fee.
  5. Put your signature and right thumb print in the Cedula.
  6. Claim your fresh Cedula.

That was the requirements and procedure on How to Get Cedula. Should you have any questions or additional useful information, do share it in comment section.

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