How to Get PSA or NSO Birth Certificate Online

The requests for PSA Birth Certificate, formerly NSO Birth Certificate, can conveniently and easily be processed online from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). The payments for the requests can be done through credit card, ATM Machines, 7-11 Stores and Bayad Centers among several other payment options.

The PSA (NSO) Birth Certificate of applicants who successfully applied online and paid for the corresponding fee shall be delivered in the address stated on the application for 2-7 working days depending on the location.

How to Get PSA-NSO Birth Certificate

As of the moment, there were two accredited partners of Philippine Statistics Authority that facilitates the online application of PSA Birth Certificates: the by Pilipinas Teleserve and by Unisys.

Well, the same service providers also caters requests not just for PSA Birth Certificate but also Marriage Certificate, Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) and Death Certificate online.

Overlooking at the big picture of the entire process of this online application, the main actions to be done are filling up the application form, paying for the request fee, and wait for the PSA/NSO Birth Certificate Delivery.

However, to make it very clear and understandable, I’ll walk you through the step by step process on how to get your PSA or NSO Birth Certificate Online through

How to Get PSA or NSO Birth Certificate Online

1. Go to PSA Helpline Website

Step 1 PSA Helpline Website

To start, visit the PSA Helpline Official Website – At the bottom part of the homepage, click the Order Now option.

2. Request for PSA Certificate

Step 2 Request for NSO

Choose the Birth Certificate option.

3. Select the Purpose of Request

Step 3 Purpose of Request

Select the purpose of your request for PSA(NSO) Birth Certificate. Options includes for Passport, Employment Abroad, Local Employment, School Requirements, and several others. If it’s not on the list, specify it on “Others” option. In this guide, I’ll choose Local Employment.

4. Fill Out the Application Form

Step 4 Application Form

Fill out the application form with the correct information.

5. Birth Certificate Legal Proceedings

Step 5 Birth Certificate Legal Proceedings

Select the related option if you have any legal proceedings done to your Birth Certificate before such as Correction of Entry, Legitimation, Adoption, Court Hearing or Supplemental. If nothing is done, click NONE button to proceed.

6. Person Requesting the NSO Birth Certificate

Step 6 Person Requesting the NSO

Enter the name of the person who is requesting the NSO Birth Certificate. If you are the one requesting for your own NSO Birth Certificate, enter your name, select “OWNER of the certificate“, then click Submit button.

7. Checkout Summary

Step 7 Checkout Summary

Check the summary of your application on the left side column. Then, fill out the Contact Information, Delivery Address and Authorized Representatives.

The Contact Information is necessary because if there are any concerns in your application, PSA Helpline will use the indicated contact details to reach you.

The Delivery Address is where your PSA Birth Certificate will be delivered. Make sure to fill-out the necessary details.

Specify at least 1 Authorized Representative to receive the document for you in case you are not around upon delivery. The Letter of Authorization can readily be printed by clicking the Preview/Print LOA button.

Mark check the “I certify that all the information I’ve provided is true and correct.” Then, click the Continue button.

8. Confirmation Payment

Step 8 Confirmation Payment

The last step is the payment to confirm your order. There are several payment options to choose from such as Over the Counter through Metrobank, Security Bank, Bayad Centers7-11 ECPay and BancNet ATM or Online Payment Channels with Visa/MasterCard,  or Mobile Payment with GCash. Select the one which is most convenient for you.

Each of the Payment Option has very detailed instructions on how to process the payment. For this guide, let me choose Bayad Center as payment option.

Bayad Center Payment Option

So there will be a complete instruction on how to pay at Bayad Center including the Transaction Form and where you should place the information details. It is much recommended if you are going to print this for your reference. Just click on the Print Payment Instructions button.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you are not around to receive the PSA Birth Certificate upon delivery, you can authorize any of your family member (spouse, mother, father, son, daughter, grandparent or grandchild). Provide an Authorization Letter, Recepient’s Valid ID and your Valid ID.

Delivery Reminders

You should receive an email from PSA Helpline containing your reference number, application details, payment options and reminders.

Two (2) days after you have paid, track the Status of your application. Go to the Check Status page of the PSA Helpline Official Website. Just enter the reference number and click Submit button. The estimate of delivery is 2-7 working days.

Disclaimer: UsefulWall is not affiliated with PSA Helpline or any other agencies. If you have encountered any problems or concerns, directly contact them through their hotline (02) 737-1111.

That was the step by step guide on How to Get PSA or NSO Birth Certificate Online. Should you have any questions, let us know in comment section below. Share this to someone who needs this guide.

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