How to Correct PSA Birth Certificate Errors (Wrong Spelling or Entry)

Chances are, you have figured out that your PSA Birth Certificate has one or more errors that you just recently found out and it needs to be resolved soon. The good thing is that it can be corrected, however, be prepared that the process takes months and costs you some money.

Since the Birth Certificate is considered as the root document of your existence, personal details on all other legal documents should conform to this. That’s why it is very important to have the wrong spelling or entries in your Birth Certificate to be corrected. It is to avoid string of complications when the time comes that you need to claim benefits, work abroad, get a passport and other legal documents.

How to Correct PSA Birth Certificate Errors - Wrong Spelling or Entry

When the correction is done, it is not as if the original entries in your Birth Certificate were replaced or blanks were filled up. There is what they call an “Annotation” on the side (usually on the right side) of your Birth Certificate reflecting the corrected entry.

Where to Process

You should process the correction of your Birth Certificate at the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) where your birth was registered, simply the birthplace reflected in your Birth Certificate. However, if you are currently living on a farther place and given that it is authorized by the law, you may process it on the LCR of your current location.

There are cases where the LCR cannot process your petition to correct some entries in your Birth Certificate. This is when you shall be recommended file your petition at the Regional Trial Court. Make sure to ask for a detailed assistance from them if this is your case.

Filing Fee

The filing fee alone is about ₱1,000 – ₱3,000 which differs from the changes or correction you need to file. It doesn’t include any other possible charges.

Processing Period

After you have filed your petition, it takes about 3 months before you may get the annotated copy of your Birth Certificate from Philippine Statistics Office.

Most Common Birth Certificate Errors or Problems

Now these are the common problems or clerical errors in the Birth Certificate.

1. Wrong Spelling

The most common problem in the Birth Certificate is the wrong spelling of the First Name. If this is your case, you can file a Petition for Correction of Clerical Error under the provisions of Republic Act 9048.

This law allows the Local Civil Registrar to correct a clerical or typographical error of the first name or nickname without a Judicial Order.

Filing Fee: ₱1,000

2. Blurred Entry

Even if there are no misspelled entries in your Birth Certificate but the agency you are applying for a job abroad found out that some entries are blurred, you’ll be advised to get a clearer copy of those entries in the PSA.

The PSA then shall ask for a clearer entry in the LCR. However, if the records of LCR and PSA are both blurred, you need to file a Petition for Correction of Clerical Error.

Filing Fee: ₱1,000

3. First Name

One of the common cases in Birth Certificate problems is the wrong first name. If you are using a name now which is actually different in what is reflected in your Birth Certificate, and you are very known in your current name, you shall file a Petition for Change of First Name under the provisions of Republic Act 9048 in the LCR where your birth is registered.

Filing Fee: ₱3,000

4. Date of Birth

There are cases that people found out that their celebrated birth day and month are actually different from what is written in the Birth Certificate. This error must be due to a “relative” who have processed the registration of birth or someone in the office himself.

Putting whatever the cause aside, as long as you have enough proofs to be the basis to change the birth day and month on the Birth Certificate, you may file a petition for the correction of your birth day or month to the LCR under the Republic Act No. 10172.

Filing Fee: ₱3,000

5. Gender

If what’s written in the gender of your Birth Certificate is female but your are male, or the other way around, you must file a petition for the correction of your gender in the LCR where your birth was registered. This is still under the Republic Act No. 10172 that authorizes the LCR to correct the gender of the person in the Birth Certificate without a judicial order.

However, you need to have a medical certificate from an accredited government physician that you have not undergone sex transplant.

Filing Fee: ₱3,000

6. Special Cases

There are cases when the LCR does not have the authority to correct wrong entries in the birth certificate like “the middle names of the child and the mother in the birth certificate are wrong”, this case must be settled at the Regional Trial Court where the civil registry is located. Your lawyer can explain the details regarding this.

General Requirements

  1. Certified machine copy of the birth certificate or the page of the registry book containing the entries that needs to be corrected.
  2. At least two (2) public or private documents which serves as the basis of the correction of the Birth Certificate:
    • Baptismal Certificate
    • Voters Affidavit
    • School Record
    • Employment Record
    • GSIS/SSS Record
    • Medical Record
    • Business Record
    • Driver’s License
    • Police ClearanceNBI Clearance
    • Land Titles
    • Certificate of Land Transfer
  3. Notice/Certificate of Posting
  4. And other documents that are deemed necessary for the approval of your petition.

How to Correct PSA Birth Certificate Errors

  1. Go to the Local Civil Registrar where your birth was registered. Inquire about the problems you have in your birth certificate. Make sure to bring your PSA Birth Certificate.
  2. Your case shall be carefully assessed by the LCR and shall give you the list of requirements you should get. Then, submit those documents/requirements and wait for further instructions.
  3. Pay for the corresponding fee/s.
  4. Then the LCR shall submit your petition and supporting documents to the Philippine Statistics Office for approval.
  5. After the approval of PSA, the documents shall be delivered back to the LCR for the preparation of the Certificate of Finality.
  6. To complete the process, you need to go back to the LCR and get the corrected or annotated copy of your Birth Certificate.

That was the general guide on how to correct PSA Birth Certificate Errors such as wrong spelling, blurred entry among others. Should you have any concerns, you may go directly to your Local Civil Registrar or contact the PSA. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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