How to Get PSA Marriage Certificate

A PSA Marriage Certificate is one of the civil registry documents in the Philippines that serves as a legal proof of marriage between two individuals. It contains essential information of marriage such as the complete name of the couple, date and place of marriage, etc.

Several days after the formal wedding ceremony, you shall be issued a Marriage Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar. Your PSA Marriage Certificate is not immediately available after the date of marriage, you have to wait about 6 months to 1 year before it is made available. However, you can expedite the availability in just 1 month by requesting an electronic endorsement to the nearest Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Office.

How to Get PSA Marriage Certificate

For married females, a PSA Marriage Certificate is one of the important documents you need to submit to government or non-government offices to perform some transactions. You need to have it when you apply for a passport, be a member of SSS, get Tax Identification Number and a lot more. So it is important to keep one.

There are 3 possible ways to get your PSA Marriage Certificate. It is either you request at SM Business Center, through online, or by visiting the nearest PSA Serbilis Center.

Choose the option that suites your need. If you need to get it on the same day you make your request, better go to the PSA Office. On the other hand, if you are willing to wait for few days before you can claim it, you may opt to request it at SM or through online.

How to Get PSA Marriage Certificate at Serbilis Center

The most common way in getting a PSA Marriage Certificate is by requesting it directly though PSA Regional Office or Census Serbilis Center. If you need the certificate on a rush, this is your best option since there is a great chance that you can get this on the same day of request. Just make sure to be as early as possible since it is expected everyday that there are many people just like you who needs to request civil documents or transactions at PSA Office.

These are the general steps in requesting your PSA Marriage Certificate at PSA Office/Census Serbilis Center:

  1. Go to the nearest PSA Office and bring your valid ID, cash for the request fee (about ₱140) and black ballpen. Make sure to wear presentable attire.
  2. Get an Application Form for PSA Certificate of Marriage and Queue Number from the officer-in-charge.
  3. Have your form be checked in the Screener’s Desk and stamped with “Okay for Payment”.
  4. Pay for the corresponding request fee at the Cashier and get your Official Receipt. It shall be stamped with the date and time of release.
  5. In case that you can get it on the same day, wait for the designated time of release and go to the Releasing Area to claim your PSA Marriage Certificate.

How to Get PSA Marriage Certificate at SM Business Center

Yes, it is possible to request your PSA Marriage Certificate at SM Business Center. The cost is about ₱160 (₱140 Marriage Certificate FEE + ₱20 SM Service FEE), though this may change without prior notice.

So these are the easy general steps:

  1. Go to the nearest SM Mall in your are, bring a valid ID, cash and black ballpen.
  2. Fill-out the application form, usually its the pink one but ask the staff for the right form for marriage contract request.
  3. Specify the number of copies.
  4. Pay for the request fee.
  5. Get your claim stub and official receipt.

When you make your request, it is usually available after 4-6 business days. You just need to come back at SM Business Center where you request it. Present your claim stub, official receipt and valid ID to claim your PSA Marriage Contract.

How to Get PSA Marriage Certificate Online

There is another innovative way to get your PSA Marriage Certificate, it is through PSA Online Facilities. For the time being, there are 2 websites you can use to request for a PSA Marriage Certificate: by Pilipinas Teleserv and by Unisys. These are partners of PSA that facilitates online requests for civil documents.

So how does this online request system works? Well, you just have access the desired website and start a request specified for PSA Marriage Certificate then fill-up the online forms. It is very user-friendly and understandable. Then, to confirm your request, you just have to pay for the request fee at your selected mode of payment.

There are many ways to pay for it, either in 7-11, Bayad Center, G-cash and a lot more. For example, if you choose 7-11 as your mode of payment in your application, the website shall be given a complete instruction on how to do it.

So you have the overview of how this works. In this guide, let me walk you though the step by step process on how to get PSA Marriage Certificate Online using the website.

1. Visit PSA Helpline Website

Step 1. Visit PSA Helpline Website

To begin your application for PSA Marriage Certificate Online, visit the PSA Helpline Website – You’ll see 3 options below: Order Now, Pay Online and Check Status. Choose the Order Now option.

2. Select PSA Marriage Certificate Option

Step 2. Select PSA Marriage Certificate Option

Then, you’ll have 4 choices of what civil document you want to get. Choose the Marriage Certificate option.

3. Specify the Purpose of Request for PSA Marriage Certificate

Step 3. Specify the Purpose of Request for PSA Marriage Certificate

In this step, specify your purpose why you need to get your PSA Marriage Certificate or what is it used for. Is it for Local Employment, Loan Application, Passport Application, etc. In this guide, let’s assume you need it for Philippine Passport Application at DFA.

4. Accomplish the Marriage Certificate Application Form

Step 4. Accomplish the Marriage Certificate Application Form

This time, you need to fill-up the online application form for PSA Marriage Certificate. You need to enter the Marriage Details, Name of Husband and Name of Wife. Click the Continue button to move on the next step.

5. State the Changes on Marriage Certificate

Step 5. State the Changes on Marriage Certificate

If there are any legal proceedings or changes done in your marriage certificate, you have to state those in this step such as Correction of Entry, Annulment, Court Hearing, Supplemental, or Legal Separation. However, if nothing is done, choose None button to continue.

6. Person Requesting for PSA Marriage Certificate

Step 6. Person Requesting for PSA Marriage Certificate

Then, you have to enter your name, or the person requesting for the PSA Marriage Certificate. Is it you as the husband or wife (owner), or someone else (father, mother, son, daughter of the owner). This is also needed for the delivery of the certificate. The name specified here should match with the valid ID presented during the delivery. Click on the Submit button to proceed.

7. Checkout

Step 7. Checkout

Your Order Summary should be displayed on the left side. Review it carefully if all entries are correct.

Then, on the right side, the Contact Information, Delivery Address, and Checkout Summary should be displayed.

In the Contact Information, you need to provide a Mobile Number, Landline Number (if applicable) and an active Primary Email Address. These information shall be used by the PSAHelpline to reach you.

In the Delivery Address, enter the complete and exact address where you want the certificate to be delivered. Make sure to review this properly. If you are not available during the delivery, you can assign a person beforehand to receive your certificate. You may enter at least 3 persons, just print the authorization letter, prepare your valid ID and the valid ID of the representative.

Step 7b. Checkout Summary

If you want to assign someone to receive it in case you are not available, just enter their names and click on the Preview/Print LOA then print that authorization letter.

Lastly, in the Checkout Summary, enter the number of copies you want to request. By default, its only one copy. But if you need more, just specify in the Copies field. Then, mark check “I certify that the information I’ve provided is true and correct” and click on the Continue button.

8. Select Payment Option

Step 8. Select Payment Option


Finally, to confirm your order, you have to pay using the payment options in this step. You may pay using the Online Channels: VISA MasterCard, BancNet Online, or Globe GCash. On the other hand, you may also choose Over-the-counter Payment Channels: Metrobank, Security Bank, Bayad Center, 7-11 ECPay, or BankNet ATM.

Step 8b. Mode of Payments

Choose the desired payment option that is comfortable for you. Each payment option has corresponding instruction on how to pay for it.

In this guide, let’s choose Over-the-counter option through Bayad Center.

Bayad Center - PSA Marriage Certificate

After clicking that, the system will provide the Reference Number, Requesting Party and Amount to be paid. Below it is a sample Bayad Center Transaction Form format which you can follow.

Delivery Reminders - PSA Marriage Certificate

Make sure to read carefully the instructions and reminders displayed on the website. The estimate time of delivery of your PSA Marriage Certificate is about 2 – 7 business days.

If you request for a PSA Marriage Certificate Online though PSA Helpline, the cost is ₱365 per copy.

Disclaimer: UsefulWall is not affiliated with PSA Helpline or any other agencies. If you have encountered any problems or concerns, directly contact them through their hotline (02) 737-1111.

Those were the 3 ways on how to get your PSA Marriage Certificate. Should you have any question, you may contact directly the PSA or drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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