How to Get PSA Death Certificate

A Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Death Certificate is an official document attesting the death of a person. It contains the name of the person, cause, date and place of death and other related information.

The hospital, clinic, funeral home or organization handling the remains of the person is responsible for the preparation of the death certificate. The death certificate shall then be filed to the Local Civil Registrar for registration within 30 days. Then, it takes about 6 months before the PSA Death Certificate shall be available.

How to Get PSA Death Certificate

On the part of the loved one’s or relative, it is very essential to acquire several copies of death certificate. It is a primary requirement to claim entitled proceeds from government companies in the Philippines (SSS or GSIS), life insurance companies, settlement of properties among others.

Just like acquiring any of the civil documents in the Philippines, in the time being, there are 3 possible ways to get a copy of a PSA Death Certificate of your loved one or close relative who passed away.

How to Get PSA Death Certificate:

  1. Census Serbilis Center
  2. SM Business Center
  3. Online Portal

PSA Death Certificate Requirements

  • At least one Valid ID
  • Vital information of the deceased person needed in the application form (name, gender, place of death and date of death)
  • Processing Fee

How to Get PSA Death Certificate at Census Serbilis Center

The simplest and fastest way to get PSA Death Certificate is to visit the Census Serbilis Outlet/Center in your area. There is a great chance you can get it on the same day you made your request.

  1. Locate and go to the nearest Census Serbilis Outlet in your area. Bring a valid ID, black ballpen and cash for the processing fee. Make sure to wear the proper dress code.
  2. Accomplish the application form for death certificate.
  3. Pay for the corresponding fee at the cashier.
  4. Wait for the release of the PSA Death Certificate.

As easy as that, but make sure to go as early as possible since it is expected that many people are making transactions with PSA every business days. The processing costs about ₱140.

How to Get PSA Death Certificate at SM

Well, you are probably aware of this, but in case you’re not, you can request a civil document at SM Business Center and a PSA Death Certificate is one of them. It is will be available 4-6 business days after you made your request. You just have to come back at SM or choose to have it delivered at your doorstep.

  1. Go to the SM Mall in your area and ask where the SM Business Center is. Don’t forget to bring a valid ID and cash.
  2. Fill-out the application form for death certificate which is usually the yellow one. Make sure to ask the staff for the right form.
  3. Pay for the processing fee.
  4. Get your claim stub and official receipt.

To get the PSA Death Certificate, present your claim stub, official receipt and valid ID. The processing fee at SM costs about ₱160.

How to Get PSA Death Certificate Online Application (e-Census)

If you wish to request a PSA Death Certificate at the comfort of your home, you can actually do it online. It is possible to request through the official online portal of Philippine Statistics Office called the E-census in partnership with Unisys Philippines.

It simply means that E-census is a website where you can request a PSA Death Certificate and other civil documents. So how this works? Well, you just have to 1️⃣ fill-up the online forms in the e-Census website, 2️⃣ submit it and 3️⃣ pay for it through online banking or at over-the-counter payment options (BDO, Bayad Center, etc.).

To elaborate more of this, here’s a quick guide for the online procedure.

1. Access the E-Census Website

Step 1. Access the E-Census Website

To start with the online application for PSA Death Certificate, visit the e-Census You can read on the other important information being displayed in the website. When you are ready, just click on the “Click here to request now” link at the main banner (see the screenshot above).

2. Accept Terms and Conditions

Step 2. Accept Terms and Conditions

Read on the Terms and Conditions of using the website and requesting for a PSA Certificate. It’s not too long and it’s direct to the point so you can easily read it in less than a minute. If you agree to all terms, just click the “I Accept” button to proceed.

3. Fill-up Contact and Delivery Information Form

Step 3. Fill-up Contact and Delivery Information Form

In this step, you have to accomplish the contact and delivery form. The e-Census needs your name, address, mobile/telephone number and email address to contact you. You may also include your TIN Number (optional). When its done, click on the “Next” button.

Step 3b. Confirmation Box

This is the confirmation message box that should prompt on your screen, click the “Confirm” button if all details are correct.

4. Choose Death Certificate

Step 4. Choose Death Certificate

This is now your Request Summary or similar to a dashboard. As you can see, it is still empty since you haven’t made any request yet. Choose the “Death Certificate” button to start the application (see screenshot above).

5. Answer the Confirmation Questions

Step 5. Answer the Confirmation Questions

This time, you need to answer 2 confirmation questions.  The first one is to check if there was any correction or amendment done to the death certificate you are applying for. The second one is to check if you are able to get a copy of that death certificate from PSA before. It is a Yes or No question. After that, click on the “Next” button.

6. Enter Information of the Deceased Person and Other Related Information

Step 6. Enter Information of the Deceased Person and Other Related Information

You now need to enter the information of the deceased person such as the deceased’s name, gender, place of death and date of death. You need also to specify the number of copies you need and the purpose of request (Claim Benefits, Local Employment, etc.). Then, click “Save” button.

Step 6b. Confirmation Box

A confirmation box similar to this one should prompt on your screen. If the information displayed is correct, click on the “Confirm” button.

7. Submit Your Request

Step 7. Submit Your Request

You may now notice that in your Request Summary, your request for a Death Certificate is already there. Unlike on step 4 that it displays nothing. To continue, click on the “Submit” button so that you may proceed to the payment part.

8. Payment and Delivery

Step 8. Payment and Delivery

The final step in this PSA Online Application is to pay for your request. You are given plenty of payment options either online or over-the-counter. You can pay though a credit card, Banco de Oro, UnionBank and Bayad Center.

If you are paying over-the-counter in accredited banks or Bayad Center, you need to get 2 copies of your application form. Just click on the “Print” link on the left side corner. The processing fee is ₱330 per copy.

After the payment has been successfully made, the processing and delivery of PSA Death Certificate takes about 3 to 9 working days. The delivery schedule is 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday (except holidays).

The other website which may process the same civil documents including the PSA Death Certificate is PSA Helpline. It is an accredited partner of PSA.

Disclaimer: UsefulWall is not affiliated with E-Census, PSA Helpline or any other agencies. If you have encountered any problems or concerns, use the Contact Form on their website or email them at

Those were the 3 possible ways to get a PSA Death Certificate. Should you have any concerns, you may contact PSA directly. Let us know your thoughts on the comment section.

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