How to Check SSS Loan Balance Online

Within few minutes, you can actually check your SSS loan balance online without going to the SSS office to inquire. This surely saves you time from travelling to the office and waiting for your priority number to be called.

Though the SSS Online System, it is possible to view your SSS salary loan outstanding balance quickly and easily at the comfort of your home. You just need a computer and an internet connection to visit their website.

How to Check SSS Loan Balance Online

So why is it important to regularly check your SSS loan payment or your monthly amortization if paid on time? Well, in the first place you should care since you are a member of Social Security System(SSS) and on top of that, it is to avoid unnecessary payment of penalties.

Also, it is to assess if there are late posting of your payments. This way, you can raise the concern to your employer or HR for them to coordinate with the SSS.

Checking your outstanding loan balance in SSS is actually very easy. If you have an email and you know about your SSS credentials, then you can do it in just few minutes. Just follow the guide below with screenshots for your reference.

How to Check SSS Loan Balance Online

1. Go to SSS Website and Log-in with Your Account

1. Go to SSS Website and Log-in with Your Account

To check your SSS loan balance online, the first thing you have to do is to visit their website – Now if you are not familiar about My.SSS, it is an online system or portal of SSS that allows its members to perform quick transactions online. One of the features of My.SSS is for you to be able to apply for SSS loan online as well as to check for the outstanding loan balance.

So assuming this is your first time knowing about My.SSS, you can create your account following this separate guide which also includes screenshots similar to this article for your reference How to Register to SSS Online (My.SSS Account).

However, if have already created your account before, you can log-in to your My.SSS Account. Just enter your User ID and Password correctly, then click the Submit button. The log-in form should be displayed on the landing page of the website. If not, just click on the SSS Login menu on the top-most part of the page.

2. Proceed to Member Inquiry Online Service

2. Proceed to Member Inquiry Online Service

After you have logged in, you should see a second blue menu with Home, Member’s Profile, E-Services and Payment Reference Number (PRN). Since you want to use the member inquiry service of the system to inquire for your SSS loan balance, hover or point your mouse at E-Services menu then click the Inquiry sub-menu.

Wait for the page to completely load. However, if this took you too long to perform the action, your browser session might expire and you need to log-in again. Okay, simply log-in again if the system ask you to do so.

If you don’t see anything after waiting for about 30 seconds, most probably Google Chrome has blocked the content of the page. At the URL bar (…), you should see a shield icon with tiny x mark.

Unblock Content

Simply click the shield icon and click on “Load unsafe scripts” link. Don’t worry, this usually happens if you are using Google Chrome browser that’s why SSS recommends Internet Explorer (IE) version 11. But don’t stress on this, you can still do it on your current browser.

3. Check Loan Status

3. Check Loan Status

Now if you have already unblocked the content and loaded the Member Inquiry Service Feature page completely, you should see your Employee Static Information which contains your SSS number, name, date of birth and other SSS membership details.

Moreover, you should see another blue menu containing Member Info, Benefit, SMEC, Loans, Premium Payments, Eligibility and Documents. Hover or point your mouse on the Loans menu and click on the Loan Status/Loan Info sub-menu.

Then, your loan status should be displayed. This includes your Loan Application Details, Loan Information Details and List of Availed Loans.

4. View Statement of Account

All of your availed loan should be listed at the bottom part of the page. The first entry of the table is your current or latest loan. Click on the first or the topmost Salary Loan link to be directed to the related information about that loan.

Then, you should see the information or status of your loan. You can click on the Statement of Account & Loan Payment to check the computation of your payments.

To view your credited payment transactions and outstanding loan balance, you can click on the View Loan Disclosure Statement at the bottom of the page.

That was the step by step guide with screenshots on How to Check SSS Loan Balance Online. Let us know your thoughts about this in the comment section.

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