How to Apply for SSS Membership Online for Non-Members

To be able to get SSS Number Online, individuals must first apply for SSS membership. Now, if you are not yet a member of SSS and looking for a way on how to apply for SSS membership online for non-members, then this application guide would be a great help for you. This only applies to the new applicants without previous records of valid application in SSS.

The Social Security System is a social insurance system controlled by the government in the Philippines for self-employed individuals and workers in private companies. SSS offers distinguished benefits to its members which includes:

  • Sickness Benefits
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Disability Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Death and Funeral Benefits

As most insurance programs works, the amount of monthly contributions determines the benefits of the beneficiaries. Qualified members also have the benefits to apply for salary and calamity loans.

How to Apply for SSS Membership Online for Non Members

Let this be clear that applicants may still apply for SSS Membership to the nearest SSS branch, accomplish the E1 Form, submit the requirements and get the SSS Number. However, the SSS took the initiative of making a SSS Membership Online Application so that most of the applicants may apply and get SSS Number online.

Useful Information: If the SSS Membership Online Application is successful, the applicant should receive the SSS Number Slip which contains the applicant’s SSS Number, Name and Birth Date. The SSS Number Slip is the finish product of this online application.

In order to execute well the entire process, first you need to have an active email address and an available printer or flash drive.

The application form link will be sent in your email to verify that you are a real person performing the transaction and to be able continue on the rest of application. If the application is successful, you need an available printer to print your personal record and SSS number slip. Alternatively, you may save them on flash drive to print it later. Below is the step by step guide of the SSS membership online application, make sure to read carefully.

Step by Step Guide to Apply for SSS Membership Online for Non-Members

1. Go to the SSS Official Website

Step 1 SSS Official Website

In your web browser (Internet Explorer is recommended), go to Then, scroll down at the bottom of the webpage and you should see the 3 square banners within a blue rectangular background. Click the banner at the center with texts that contains “Online Registration and Coverage. No SSS Number yet? Apply Online!“.

2. Access the SSS Membership Online Application

Step 2 SSS Membership Online Application

Follow the instruction written similar to this: “Now you can register as an SSS member through our online facility! Click here!“. Click the “here” link.

3. Start the Application

Step 3 Start the Application

You will then be directed to the Application for Social Security Number webpage. It displays the step by step guide of the application, reminders and requirements for the issuance of SSS Number. To begin, click the start button at the bottom of the page.

4. Accomplish the Application Verification Form

Step 4 Application for Social Security Number

Fill up the Application Verification Form with the correct information. Make sure to double check all the details since you cannot change these fields later. Alternatively, you can just start again. The form includes:

  • Choose if applicant has:   Complete Name – Last Name and First Name only – Single Name only
  • Last Name *
  • First Name *
  • Middle Name *
  • Suffix (e.g. Jr, Sr)
  • Date of Birth *
  • Email *

After that, type the correct verification word for security purposes. Next, mark check the “I certify that above information are true and correct“. Then, click submit button.

5. Open Your Email

Step 5 Email Verification

After clicking the submit button, a message will be displayed with the instruction to open your email and copy the link to your browser. If the email is not in your inbox, it might end up in the SPAM Folder. Again, copy the link, past it in your web browser URL bar, then pres Enter. After that, you should be directed to the electronic application form.

6. Accomplish the  SSS Membership Online Application Form

Step 6 SSS Membership Online Application Form

The electronic application form contains plenty of entries to be filled-up grouped into different field categories. The one’s marked with asterisk(*) are important fields, as long as it’s empty, you cannot proceed to the next category. Fill up the following:

Basic Information

  • Name of Applicant (auto-filled)
  • Date of Birth (auto-filled)
  • Gender *
  • Click if mother’s name has: * Complete Name – Last Name and First Name only – Single Name only
  • Mother’s Maiden Name

Contact Information

  • Mobile No *
  • Telephone No
  • Email Address *

Home Address

  • Check if Address is *Metro Manila – Provincial
  • City/Municipality *
  • Barangay *

Purpose of Application

  • For Employment
  • Self Employed
  • Overseas Filipino Worker
  • Non Working Spouse

***Click the next button to continue.***

Social Status

Social Status

  • Marital Status*
  • Nationality
  • Religion *
  • Other Religion *

Place of Birth

  • Country*
  • Metro Manila/Province*
  • City/Municipality*

***Click the next button to continue.***



  • Name of Father
  • Mother (auto-filled from previous data)

Spouse (Maiden Name if wife) ***If Married***

  • Complete Name of Spouse and birth date (You can add row if you have more than 1 wife, just click on Add Row Button)


  • Complete Name of Child and birth date (You can add row if you have more than 1 child, just click on Add Row Button)(optional)

Beneficiaries other than Parents/Spouse/Children

  • Complete Name of Beneficiary and Birth Date. (You can add row if you have more than 1, just click on Add Row Button)(optional)

7. Review the Entries

Generate SSS Number

Review all the entries from Basic Information Fields, Contact Information Fields up to Beneficiaries Fields. If its all correct, click the Generate SSS Number button on the bottom right corner.

Note: Once SSS Number is already generated, applicant will need to go to the SSS Branch to correct his/her information.

After clicking the Generate SSS Button and successful, Congratulations! You just generated your SSS Number and you should see the Registration Information on your screen. It should contain your SSS Number, Full Name and Birth Date.

8. Print the Personal Record and SSS Number Slip

In order to print your Personal Record and SSS Number Slip, click on the buttons accordingly.

How to Save Instead of Printing: Click the Print Personal Record Button. Then at the left side corner, you can find the Destination. Instead of selecting a printer, Select Save as PDF. Then, click Save and select a Destination Folder (Desktop Folder, Flashdrive Folder, etc.). Go back and do the same with Print SSS Number Slip Button.

It is very important to print and/or save your Personal Record and SSS Number Slip because you are going to need them later. Continue reading.

9. Make your Membership Status “Permanent”

This whole online application process is just “Temporary“. Meaning, your SSS number can only be used for:

  • Contribution payment
  • Employee reporting by the employer

You can do it sooner or later but in order to make your status from “Temporary” to “Permanent” and recognized bonafide member, you need to visit the nearest SSS Branch in your area. Bring and submit your printed Personal Record, SSS Number Slip and required ID Cards and/or Documents (true copy and photo copy of IDs).

IMPORTANT: For the list of SSS Requirements (ID’s and Documents) to bring at the SSS Branch, go to SSS Membership Application Requirements.

That was the complete guide on How to Apply for SSS Membership Online for Non-Members and at the same time, a guide on how to get SSS Number Online. If you find this article helpful, let us know your thoughts in comment.

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