How to Check SSS Contribution Online – 3 Easy Steps with Screenshots

Most members of SSS would choose to check SSS Contribution Online rather than personally going to the nearest SSS branch to inquire. With SSS Online, accessing your contribution records, loan applications and other transactions were made easier, faster and more reliable than ever before. It offers great convenience for its members and great cuts in long lines at the SSS Office.

My.SSS or commonly known to SSS Online, is an online portal created by SSS that provides exclusive access to the member’s online records which one example is the SSS Contribution Table. It is recommended for the members to create a My.SSS Account for an easier and faster SSS online transactions.

How to Check SSS Contribution Online

 REMINDER: Before moving on with the tutorial on how to check SSS contribution online, you must have a My.SSS Account or SSS Online Account. The registration can be done with few easy steps, follow this guide How to Register to SSS Online

The step by step guide on how to check SSS Contribution Online below was made easier and screenshots were provided in order to help you access what you need.

How to Check SSS Contribution Online (3 Easy Steps with Screenshots)

1. Go to SSS Website

Step 1 SSS Website Member Login

Open your internet browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox would be fine but the recommended one is Internet Explorer) and go to SSS Official Website – At the member login corner, type your User ID and Password then press the Submit button.

2.  Proceed to Member Inquiry Dashboard

Step 2 Inquiry Dashboard

Position your mouse pointer to E-Services Menu and click Inquiry sub-menu under it. Is it blank? Don’t worry I’ll walk you though. If you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer browser, you should be fine and the E-Services Member Inquiry Dashboard should be displayed on your screen.

Shield Icon for Google Chrome

Shield Icon for Google Chrome

However, if you are using Mozilla Firefox browser, click the Options button and click Disable Protection for Now. On the other hand, if you are using Google Chrome browser, click the Shield Icon(see screenshot above) and then click Load Unsafe Scripts. If you can see your E-Services Member Inquiry Dashboard where your Employee Static Information and Member Details are displayed, you can proceed to the next step.

3. Show SSS Contribution Table

Step 3 SSS Contribution Table

Finally, position your mouse pointer at Member Info menu and click the Actual Premiums sub-menu. You should now see your contribution table and reports showing the yearly and monthly contributions, total number of contributions and total amount of contributions.

SSS Contribution Table

SSS Contribution Table

Some important reasons why you need to check your SSS Contributions Online:

  • To make sure your payments went through and posted properly.
  • To check the discrepancies on the amount of contribution and address it earlier.
  • To monitor if your employer has been remitting the correct amount and timely contribution.

That was the step by step guide on How to Check SSS Contribution Online. Should you have any questions, let us know in comment.

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