How to Get PhilHealth Number Online

Becoming a PhilHealth Member is easier than ever before since applicants can now get PhilHealth Number Online. With a computer and an internet connection, applicants are needless to go to the office to personally apply for PhilHealth Membership. Instead, just follow the guide below on how to get PhilHealth Number Online which is the end result of PhilHealth Membership Online Application and that’s it.

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or commonly known as PhilHealth is a government-owned and controlled corporation under the Department of Health in the Philippines. The social insurance program of PhilHealth provides health care services to its members and beneficiaries.

How to Get PhilHealth Number Online

If you wish to be a member of PhilHealth and process your application online, just follow the step by step guide below. After the completion of PhilHealth Membership Online Application, you’ll get your PhilHealth Number Online as well. This is a new way of PhilHealth to reach more Filipino citizens to be a member and avail its excellent health benefits.

NOTE: A person can only have 1 PhilHealth Number in a lifetime. This guide is applicable only for those individuals who doesn’t have a PhilHealth Number.

How to get PhilHealth Number Online

1. Go to PhilHealth Official Website

Step 1 PhilHealth Official Website

The very first step to get your PhilHealth Number Online is to open your browser (Internet Explorer is recommended) and go to the PhilHealth Official Website – Next, go to the Online Services menu found under the PhilHealth Logo. Then, choose Electronic RegistrationEnables individuals to register online” found under Membership Category and click Register.

2. Read the Online Registration Basic Information

Step 2 Online Registration Basic Information

A new tab should be opened with a Welcome to PhilHealth Electronic Registration System message. After reading, click on the Proceed button. Then, the Terms and Conditions as well as instructions on How to use PhilHealth’s Electronic Registration and Amendment System should be displayed on your screen. Mark Check the agreement message box and click Accept.

3. Accomplish the Registration Form

Step 3 PhilHealth Registration Form

After clicking the Accept Button, Fill-up the Electronic Registration Form. The form contains blank entries you need to fill-up categorized as Personal Information, Contact Details, Address, Dependents Information (Beneficiaries), Guardian Information and Membership Category Information sections. These are basic information you need to enter correctly but if you are having a difficult time, perhaps you can ask your mother, father, wife or related person around that can help filling up the form.

4. Upload Document (Optional)

Step 4 Upload Document

When filling up the electronic registration form is done, you will be given an option to upload a document. A document can be your Birth Certificate, Company ID, Driver’s License, Passport, Postal ID, etc. Click on the Drop Down menu under Description column and list of acceptable valid IDs/documents will be displayed.

Then, select the type of document you want to upload say for example Birth Certificate. Next, computer scan your Birth Certificate, save it on your computer and upload it on your application form. To upload it, click on the Choose File button and select your scanned Birth Certificate file. Make sure the file is in jpeg/jpg, png, gif or pdf format, 2MB or less, and readable.

5. Submit the Registration and Wait For Confirmation Email

Step 5 Submit Registration

After you have uploaded your document (example: Birth Certificate), enter the CAPTCHA positioned at the bottom part. Next, mark Check the “Under the penalty of law. I attest that the information I provided in this Form are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge“. Then, review all the information entered and make sure all the entries marked with asterisk (*) were filled-up. Finally, click the Submit Registration button.

After the successful submission of your registration form, a Confirmation Email will be sent by PhilHealth. The email contains your PhilHealth Number or Personal Identification Number (PIN) along with the instructions of the next steps in order to complete the registration process.

To secure your application, you may print the email body or write the transaction number reflected in the email. It will be used as reference of your application.

Useful Info: You can activate your membership by paying your very first premium contribution. To calculate how much would be your monthly contribution, check out PhilHealth Contribution Table 2017.

That was the step by step guide on How to Get PhilHealth Number Online. If you have any clarifications, do let us know in comment.

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