How to Check PhilHealth Contribution Online

Save more time and effort by checking your PhilHealth Contribution Online rather than personally going to the nearest PhilHealth Office to inquire. The PhilHealth Member Information System is a step ahead in bringing convenience to more PhilHealth Members in performing common inquiries and transactions.

Actively remitting your PhilHealth Contribution is important so that there won’t be any hindrances in availing its benefits and it is your responsibility to monitor your records. This entire process on how to check PhilHealth Contribution Online is pretty simple and screenshots were provided to help you out. The things you need to prepare are your PhilHealth Number, mobile number and active email address.

How to Check PhilHealth Contribution Online

Here’s the overview of what you are about to do for you to see the bigger picture. First, you need to register to PhilHealth Online Inquiry System and confirm your registration through email. It is similar in creating a Facebook Account. After the registration, use your PIN (PhilHealth Number) and Password from the email sent by PhilHealth to log in to your account and check your contributions and that’s it.

So, given the things to prepare and overview, here’s the actual step by step guide on how to check PhilHealth Contribution Online.

How to Check PhilHealth Contribution Online

1. Register to PhilHealth Online Inquiry System

Step 1 PhilHealth Online Inquiry System

The first step is to register to PhilHealth Online Inquiry System. To do this, go to the official website of PhilHealth – Then, click the Register link positioned on the Member Inquiry section on the right side (refer to the image above).

2. Accomplish the Registration Form

Step 2 PhilHealth Registration Form

You should now be directed to the Registration Form. In this second step, you need to enter your Basic Personal Information which includes your PhilHealth Identification Number (without dash -), Full Name, Birth Date, Gender and an Active Email Address.

The next part of the registration form is the Security Question. There are 3 Security Questions you need to choose and enter your corresponding answers. For example in the First Question, you choose “Your Mother’s Middle Maiden Name” and enter the First Answer “Duterte“. This is just an example but you need to do it on the First, Second, Third Question and Answer entries.

Useful Info: Remember the security questions and answers or better write it down because you need it when your log in to your account.

Successful Registration Message

Successful Registration Message

After all the blank entries have been filled-up, click the Submit Registration button and an activation email will be sent to your “active address email” entered. Successful Registration Message will be shown similar to the image above.

3. Activate Account

Step 3 Activate PhilHealth Online Account

Open your email and look for the email sent by PhilHealth that should be entitled “PHILHEALTH Member Information System“. Check also the SPAM folder if it’s not found in Inbox folder. The email contains your Account PIN (PhilHealth Number), Password and Activation Link. Click on the link to complete your registration and activate your account.

Account Activated

Account Activation Message

An activation confirmation message should be displayed on your screen and a Log-In link to PhilHealth Online Inquiry System. Click on the Log-In link and proceed to the next step.

4. Log-in To Member Inquiry

Step 4 Member Inquiry Login

You should be seeing on your screen a Login Form. Check back your email for the PIN and Password and enter each in the corresponding login entries. Next, click the Login button.

Security Question

Security Question

A security question will be shown and you need to enter your personal answer based on what you have entered on the registration form. Then, click the Submit button.

5. Check PhilHealth Contribution

Step 5 Check PhilHealth Contribution

After a successful login, you can finally check your Summary of Contributions by clicking the Premium Contributions link on your account dashboard.

PhilHealth Contribution

Friendly Reminder: Write down your Account PIN, Password, Email Address and Security Questions and Answers so you can easily access your account next time.

That’s the step by step guide on How to Check PhilHealth Contribution Online. Have you successfully checked your’s? Let us know in comment.

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