How to Get PhilHealth MDR Online

The members of PhilHealth are now able to get PhilHealth MDR Online fast instead of queuing in the office to get a copy of it. The PhilHealth Member Data Record or MDR is a very important document that serves as a proof of membership and a major requirement in claiming the PhilHealth hospitalization benefits. Members have now the convenience to download and print when needed.

The MDR contains the Member Information, Employer/Organized Group Information and Dependent Information which are very crucial in availing the benefits. If the purpose of getting an MDR is for someone else’s benefit say for example a spouse, child or parent. They are called beneficiaries or dependents whose name should be enlisted in MDR to ensure a hassle-free availment.

How to Get PhilHealth MDR Online

To get a copy of your PhilHealth MDR Online, you must have a PhilHealth Online Account. Take it easy if you are not familiar about this since it is really simple to create an account. The process in getting a PhilHealth MDR Online is very similar in checking PhilHealth Contribution Online where you need a PhilHealth Online Account.

There is a separate guide with screenshots about this that you will be able to create your PhilHealth Online Account in less than 2 minutes. Follow this guide  How to Check Your PhilHealth Contribution and Register to PhilHealth Online.

If you have followed the instructions written on the separate guide, you should have successfully created a PhilHealth Online Account and familiar with the process. Now, below are the step by step guide on how to get PhilHealth MDR Online.

How to Get PhilHealth MDR Online

1. Log in to Your PhilHealth Online Account

Step 1 PhilHealth Online Account

Given you have read the introduction above and successfully created your PhilHealth Online Account, let’s begin. The very first step in order to get PhilHealth MDR Online is to go to PhilHealth Official Website –

Log in to your account by entering your PIN (PhilHealth Identification Number) and Password (found on the email sent by PhilHealth) in the Member Inquiry login form positioned at the right side of the webpage. Then, click the Login button.

Security Challenge Question

Security/Challenge Question

The Security/Challenge Question should be displayed. Enter your answer in the blank entry then click the Submit button to proceed.

2. Click the Print MDR Icon

Step 2 MDR Icon

Your Member Static Information should be displayed. The table contains your PhilHealth Number, Name, Birth Date and Gender with additional 5 options below it. Since you want to get your PhilHealth MDR, click on the Print Icon beside the MDR Printing option.

3. Download or Print the PhilHealth MDR

Step 3 Download or Print PhilHealth MDR Document

A new window should be opened which is your MDR or Member Data Record. It is in PDF file format where you have an option to download or print it. You can find the Download Icon and Print Icon on the upper right side corner of the webpage. Click it to perform the desired operation either to save it on your computer/flash drive or print it directly or do both.

Friendly Reminder from PhilHealth: Read the contents of the MDR. Should there be discrepancies, bring your copy to the nearest PhilHealth Office to amend or rectify error. Take good care of the MDR and do not hand it over to anybody.

That was the step by step guide on How to Get PhilHealth MDR Online. Have you successfully created your PhilHealth Account and got your copy of MDR Online? Let us know in comment.

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