How to Know PhilHealth Number

Several individuals are asking how to know PhilHealth Number since either they have lost or forgotten it. One way or another, there is always a solution on how to retrieve your PhilHealth Number so rest assured you can recover it.

PhilHealth Number or Personal Identification Number (PIN) is very important since it serves as your personal code to all your transactions with PhilHealth and access to all the benefits. In case you are thinking you need to get a new number, know that every individual is entitled with only one PhilHealth Number or PIN in a lifetime. So do not apply for a new number.

How to Know PhilHealth Number

There are few ways stated below on how to know or retrieve your PhilHealth Number.

How to Know PhilHealth Number

1. Check Your PhilHealth ID

The easiest way to know PhilHealth Number is to look at your PhilHealth ID. It may be so obvious but in case you don’t know, PhilHealth Number is printed atop of your PhilHealth ID. However, if you lost your PhilHealth ID, apply for an ID replacement not a new number.

2. Ask Your Employer

Your current or previous employer have the important information of every employee including you. If it doesn’t bother you, you can politely ask your employer or company HR about your PhilHealth Number.

3. Call Customer Service

Another way to retrieve your PhilHealth Number is to talk to a customer service representative on the telephone by dialing (02) 441-7442. Inquire about your PhilHealth Number and you will be asked about information verification like full name, birth date and SSS Number/TIN among few others.

4. Visit the Nearest Branch

If you don’t have PhilHealth ID or lost it, you don’t have an employer or refused to give it, you don’t have a telephone or can’t connect to the line and if everything else fails, go to the nearest PhilHealth Branch. Politely inquire that you need to know your PhilHealth Number and they will surely help you. Don’t forget to bring some ID or important docs for verification purposes.

PhilHealth Contacts:

Main Office: Citystate Centre Building, 709 Shaw Blvd. Pasig 1603

Hotline: (02) 441-7442




That was the 4 practical ways on How to Know PhilHealth Number. Have you retrieved your’s? Let us know in comment.

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