How to Recover Forgotten SSS Number

There are several easy ways to recover forgotten SSS Number. Sometimes with the busy life, we tend to forget or lost some important things and SSS Number is not an exception. Don’t worry, there is always a way to retrieve the forgotten SSS number. Perhaps if you just want to know your SSS Number and you never really lost it, check the first entry on the list.

In case you are thinking you just need to get new SSS Number again, stop. According to SSS, every individual is entitled with only 1 unique SSS number for a lifetime. So if you want to know or retrieve your SSS Number, check out the several ways listed below.

How to Recover Forgotten SSS Number

How to Recover Forgotten SSS Number

1. Check your SSS ID.

This might be the most obvious way to retrieve your SSS number but just in case you are not aware, your SSS Number is printed in your SSS ID.

2. Find your SSS E-1 Form.

If you don’t have an SSS ID or you lost it, find your SSS E-1 form. It is the pink form given to you upon your SSS membership application. Your SSS Number is hand-written at the the upper left corner of it.

3. Ask your current or previous employer.

If you are currently working or you have a previous employer, ask your employer or the HR Staff. They have your records including your SSS Number for monthly remittance of the employees’ SSS contributions.

4. Check your Company ID.

Most company ID have printed Tax Identification Number and even SSS Number at the back. You might want to check your’s.

5. Remember your other documents.

You must have kept a small notebook with all your accounts, usernames and passwords. It might be written in your previous transactions or applications. Even your receipts of previous contributions, it should be written there.

6. Log-in to your SSS Online Account.

If you have registered to My.SSS or commonly referred to SSS Online, log-in to your account. Your account information including your SSS number can be found in Member’s Profile.

7. Call SSS Hotline.

If you have tried the list of ways above, the second to the last option is to call at the SSS Hotline 920-6401 to 55. Talk to a SSS Customer Representative and discuss about your forgotten or lost SSS Number. As verification, the representative might ask you couple of things or information you have given in your SSS membership application.

8. Go to the nearest SSS branch.

If everything else fails, the only option is to go to the nearest SSS branch and raise your concern there. Bring at least 2 valid IDs wherein both must have your printed picture and complete name. In addition, at least 1 of your ID’s have your printed birth date.

Those are the 8 ways on How to Recover Lost SSS Number. Let us know in comment if you have recovered your’s and what did you do.

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