How to Register Brand New Motorcycle in LTO

A brand new motorcycle needs to be registered in the Land Transportation Office (LTO) of the Philippines to be officially allowed to run on public roads. The motorcycle owner needs to obtain the necessary things and documents from LTO as a proof of registration such as the Certificate of Registration, Official Receipt and Plate.

If you have recently purchased a motorcycle or still planning to get one, the motorcycle dealer can process the registration of your motorcycle. You’ll just have to pay them the requested amount and wait for a call when the documents are ready but don’t expect this to be efficient. The motorcycle dealer will give you a temporary document so that you may still use your motorcycle on the streets.

How to Register New Motorcycle in LTO

However, in most cases, it is much faster to process the registration of your new motorcycle yourself. With the proper approach and diplomacy to the LTO and motorcycle dealer, you’ll surely be able to do it. This guide will walk you through the general procedure including the required documents needed.

LTO Motorcycle Registration Fee

  • The motorcycle registration fee varies from ₱400.00 – ₱600.00 or more depending on your LTO District Office Location.


  • Stencil of The Engine and Chassis of Motorcycle
  • Sales of Invoice
  • Certificate of Stock Report (CSR)
  • Certificate of Quality Control
  • Valid PNP-TMG Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificate (Philippine National Police-Traffic Management Group)
  • Duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
  • Appropriate Insurance Certificate of Cover – commonly referred to Third-Party Liability (TPL) Insurance

How to Register Brand New Motorcycle in LTO

  1. Go the LTO District Office in your area and bring your motorcycle and requirements. Make sure to be early if possible and wear proper attire.
  2. Proceed to the Transaction Counter and approach the person-in-charge that you are to register your brand new motorcycle. Then, submit all your documents on hand.
  3. You will be asked to fill-up the Motor Vehicle Inspection Report Form then submit it to the officer-in-charge. LTO officer will conduct an actual inspection of your motorcycle – brakes, signal lights, horn, etc.
  4. After the approval, proceed to the Cashier and wait for your name to be called for the payment of registration fee and get an Official Receipt (OR).
  5. Finally, when your name is called, proceed to the Releasing Counter to get your Certificate of Registration (CR), Plate and other documents needed.

That was the general guide on how to register new motorcycle in the Land Transportation Office (LTO) including the requirements and fees. Have you successfully registered your brand new motorcycle on your own? If you have tips, do let us know in the comment section.

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