List of LTO Violations, Fines and Penalties

Violations of the laws, rules and regulations implemented by the Land Transpiration Office of the Philippines have corresponding fines and penalties. Motorists in the country should be aware of these violations and penalties under the Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01 by the Department of Transportation and Communications.

If you are a responsible motorists, you should know the rules and regulations on public roads. However, there are cases that sometimes we overlook the possible violations such wearing slippers while driving because of an emergency, or we forget to bring a driver’s license, and similar cases.

List of LTO Violations, Fines and Penalties 2018

On the other hand, there are situations when you are under the influence of alcohol but still driving. You borrowed a motor vehicle but you didn’t know that it is not yet registered. These violations have corresponding fines and/or penalties. As the familiar legal saying, “ignorance of the law excuses no one.”

So these are the LTO violations, fines, and penalties. It is simplified to be more understandable. Indicated below are just the fines or penalty charges of the violations. More of the information can be found on the PDF File located at the end of the article.

List of LTO Violations, Fines and Penalties

  1. Driving without a valid driver’s license/conductor’s permit – ₱3,000
  2. Driving a motor vehicle used in the commission of a crime upon conviction by a regular court of competent jurisdiction – ₱10,000
  3. Commission of a crime in the course of apprehension upon conviction by a regular court of competent jurisdiction – ₱10,000
  4. Driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, dangerous drugs and/or similar substance upon final conviction by a regular court of competent jurisdiction (Section 12, R.A. 10586) – driver’s license confiscated and revoked for 12 months
  5. Reckless driving
    • First offence – ₱2,000
    • Second offence – ₱3,000
    • Subsequent offenses – ₱10,000
  6. Submission of fake documents in relation to application for a driver’s license (new/renewal) – ₱3,000
  7. Failure to wear prescribed seat belt device
    • First offense – ₱1,000
    • Second offense – ₱2,000
    • Third offense – ₱5,000
  8. Failure to require his/her passenger/s to wear the prescribed seat belt device (Section 12, R.A. 8750) – ₱3,000
  9. Failure to wear standard protective motorcycle helmet or failure to require the back rider to wear the standard protective motorcycle helmet, under R.A. 10054
    • First offense – ₱1,500
    • Second offense – ₱3,000
    • Third offense – ₱5,000
    • Fourth and succeeding offenses – ₱10,000
  10. Failure to carry driver’s license, certificate of registration or official receipt while driving a motor vehicle – ₱1,000
  11. All other violations of traffic rules and regulations – ₱1,000
    • Parking
    • Disregarding traffic signs
    • Hitching
    • Driving against traffic
    • Illegal turn
    • Illegal overtaking
    • Overtaking at unsafe distance
    • Cutting an overtaken vehicle
    • Failure to give way to an overtaking vehicle
    • Increasing speed while being overtaken
    • Overtaking upon a curve
    • Overtaking at an intersection
    • Overtaking on “men working” or “caution” signs
    • Failure to yield right of way to ambulance, police or fire department vehicles
    • Failure to give proper signal … and several others.
  12. Driving an unregistered motor vehicle – ₱10,000
  13. Unauthorized motor vehicle modification (change color, etc.) – ₱5,000
  14. Operating a right hand drive motor vehicle – ₱50,000
  15. Motor vehicle operating without or with defective/improper/unauthorized accessories, devices, equipment and parts – ₱5,000
  16. Failure to attach or improper attachment/tampering of authorized motor vehicle license plates and/or third plate sticker – ₱5,000
  17. Smoke benching (Section 46, R.A. 8746)
    • First offense – ₱2,000
    • Second offense – ₱4,000
    • Third offense – ₱6,000
  18. Fraud in relation to registration of the motor vehicle and/or its renewal – ₱3,000
  19. All other violation in connection with motor vehicle registration/renewal/operation – ₱3,000
  20. Load extending beyond projected width without permit – ₱1,000
  21. Axle overloading – Amount equivalent to 25% of MVUC (Motor Vehicle User’s Charge) applicable to the vehicle at the time of infringement.
  22. Operating a passenger bus/truck with cargo exceeding 160 kilograms – ₱1,000
  23. Colorum Violation
    • Bus – ₱1 Million
    • Trucks – ₱200,000
    • Jeepney – ₱50,000
    • Vans – ₱200,000
    • Sedan – ₱120,000
    • MC – ₱6,000

For more information, you may read the DOTC’s Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01 (PDF File).

That was the List of Common LTO Violations, Fees and Penalties. What are your thoughts about this? Share it on the comment section.

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