Default Admin Username and Password of PLDT Home DSL | Fibr | Ultera

Each of the broadband internet services and plans of PLDT which refers to PLDT Home DSL, Fibr and Ultera comes with default admin usernames and passwords. These important credentials can be found in the Quick Installation Guide inside the modem’s box.

The use of administrator account is of course all about managing your internet connection. Given the default admin username and password, the admin will be granted root access to the modem/router which gives full access to the device’s features like changing SSID, restricting wireless users, control bandwidths and more.

Default Admin Username and Password of PLDT Home DSL Fibr Ultera

For whatever purposes you might do with these login credentials, always do the right thing. And if you mess up the data in the configuration interface, you can always count to the black reset button of your modem.

Default Admin Username and Password of PLDT Home DSL | Fibr and Ultera

1. PLDT Home DSL and Home Fibr

You are probably wondering what is the difference of the two so here’s a brief comparison. PLDT Home DSL (up to 15 Mbps) utilizes the use of traditional telephone lines (legacy copper lines) to deliver internet service while PLDT Home Fibr (up to 50 Mbps) uses fiber-optic lines that guarantees the fastest and most stable connection, the most advanced broadband service in the country. There are 2 default admin usernames and passwords for PLDT Home DSL and Home Fibr, the one with limited access to the settings and the other with full access rights.

Default Admin Access

  • username: admin
  • password: 1234

Default Admin with Root Access or Full Access Rights

  • username: adminpldt
  • password: 1234567890

For your convenience, use the PLDT Home DSL default username and password that gives you full access to all settings and features.

2. PLDT Home Ultera (Home Bro Ultera)

While the Home DSL and Fibr uses visible cable lines to deliver internet service, PLDT Home Ultera or Home Bro Ultera uses wireless internet powered by Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. It utilizes the nationwide cellular network of Smart to deliver wireless internet service. Awesome right? This technology is specifically designed for home use. The default admin username and password for PLDT Home Ultera is given below.

  • username: homebro
  • password: homebro

To access your ISP’s settings, you have to type in the URL and use the default log-in credentials given above. This is the common default gateway but if this is not working or can’t be reached, read ➡ How to access the PLDT modem or router settings.

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