PLDT Home DSL “adminpldt” Not Working

Lately, there has been an issue accessing the PLDT Home DSL administrator dashboard or the router/modem Configuration Interface. Everybody is experiencing this and its bothersome that you can’t login to the modem settings through using the root admin username “adminpldt” and password “1234567890“.

With the adminpldt administrator account, you can access the full control of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) Interface. This simply means you can check or change any settings provided in your PLDT modem dashboard. You can change your wifi password, check how many devices are connected to your wifi and block wifi users among others.

PLDT Home DSL adminpldt Not Working

The most common reason why PLDT subscribers access the PLDT Home DSL modem interface is to change the wifi password or to block those who are unauthorized to connect into the wifi network. Perhaps, one of those mentioned is your reason, too!

PLDT Home DSL default administrator username “adminpldt” Not Working

Well, to blow up your bubble, the default adminpldt username and default 1234567890 password is now temporarily disabled. Unfortunately, up until now it is not yet working as you already know. The reason why PLDT disabled it is because of some “hacking issues” with the PLDT Fibr related to the adminpldt default log-in credentials.

No need to explain this since we are not all programmers or hackers something like that but the point is, it is now disabled due to hacking issues. That’s it.

However, it is still possible to access the interface through the other default account but with lesser authorization. You can still use the “admin” username and “1234” password. It still gives you the authority to access some settings or configurations but its very limited compared to the adminpldt login.

If you are currently using the BaudTec Modem or PLDT ZyXEL Modem, you can still change the wifi password but you can’t check or block who are connected to your wifi network or technically called the “Active Client List“. You can follow these guides:

Remember that once you log in though using the default username “admin” and password “1234”, the system will ask to enter your new password two times. Make sure to write it down on paper or note on your phone in order access it easily by the time you need to login again.

Creating the new password for your modem does not mean that your wifi password is changed, too. You need to change the wifi password once you have logged in to the modem dashboard. In case you’ll forget your modem password, you can just reset your modem by pushing the small reset button (color black) at the back or bottom of your modem.

Final Thought

The adminpldt is not working now. It is due to some hacking issues of PLDT Fibr that’s related to this login credentials. Alternatively, you can still access your PLDT Home DSL modem through the default administrator username “admin” and password “1234”.

Update: Someone from PLDT came home just this afternoon (August 15, 2018) to fix my modem since I think it malfunctioned due to resounding thunder last Thursday. Anyways, to cut the chase, he gave me the full URL and the Password.

I actually got a picture of the list of passwords. As much as I wanted all of us to know, I’ll ask permission first if its allowed to be disclosed in public or just for PLDT subscribers. However, you may send us a direct message in our Facebook Page regarding this.

Should you have any other known alternatives or solutions to this, let us all know in the comment section.

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