How to Change PLDT Home DSL Wifi Password: 3 Steps

Sometimes we are forced to change our PLDT Home DSL wifi password to speed up a bit our internet connection. One reason maybe is that there are already too many devices connected to the network or some neighbors are downloading too much. I feel you. Perhaps, it is recommended to change your PLDT wifi password to prevent any unauthorized access to your internet connection.

After your PLDT Home DSL plan was approved, I guess some technicians installed the modem, telephone, wires and cables to your home. They have tested everything and made sure your internet connection and telephone is working properly. Before leaving, I think they have already explained how to change your PLDT wifi password and left you 2 boxes which one is the telephone box and the other is the modem box.

How to Change PLDT Home DSL Wifi Password 3 Steps

Well, if you can find the modem box, there is an easy instructions there on how to change your PLDT wifi password. If not, below is a comprehensive step by step guide on how to change your PLDT Home DSL wifi password. This should just take you 1 or 2 minutes to implement.

How to Change PLDT Home DSL Wifi Password: 3 Steps

Step 1. Connect a computer to the PLDT Home DSL Modem.

Step 1 - Connect a computer to the PLDT Home DSL Modem

It is highly recommend that you use a LAN Cable (mostly color yellow that comes with the modem) to connect your computer to the PLDT modem since it’s easier and comfortable. But you can actually use your laptop or smartphone to follow the next instructions as long as the device is currently connected to your wifi network. But for the following steps, allow me to use desktop computer as reference.

Step 2. Log in to PLDT Home DSL Modem’s configuration interface.

Step 2 - Log in to PLDT Home DSL Modem configuration interface

In your computer, open your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and type in the URL

Most readers would say, the URL given is not working. It is not working mostly because they just type in the URL bar of the browser. In that case, if your default search engine is Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., it would display search results in the web for Complete it with http:// or just click the given link.

PLDT modem log in interface - ZyXEL

Login Interface of ZyXEL modem brand

After successfully entered the given URL, the PLDT modem/router configuration interface or the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) Interface would appear asking for the username and password. You may see the same login interfaces above or a different one. Don’t worry, PLDT uses different types of modem/router brands for their subscribers but technically, their functions and features are just the same. Some of them are namely ZyXEL, BaudTec, Kasda, Prolink, etc.

There are 2 default usernames and passwords: [username: pldt password: 1234] and [username: adminpldt password: 1234567890]

Choose either of the two but the second username and password is highly recommended.

If you want to learn the difference between two default log-in credentials, read Default Admin Username and Password of PLDT Home DSL. But you can skip this for now.

Step 3. Go to Wireless Setup and Change Wifi Password.

Step 3 - Go to Wireless Setup and Change Wifi Password

After you logged in successfully, you’ll be directed to the PLDT Home DSL modem dashboard. If your modem brand is ZyXEL, you’ll see on the sidebar the Status, Network, Security, Advanced and Maintenance. If your modem is BaudTec, you’ll see a lot of menus above like Status, Quick Setup, Setup, Advanced and more.  I’m not too well versed with all the modems but it should display a dashboard technically similar menus and options.

What you need to achieve in this step is to located the Pre-Shared Key Textbox. It is where you can view or change your wifi password. There are simple instructions below on how to do this for the 2 most popular modems brands, the ZyXEL and Baudtec. Check the screenshots below and follow the easy steps.

PLDT modem router configuration dashboard - ZyXEL

For ZyXEL and similar types of configuration dashboard, click on the Network on the sidebar. Chose the Wireless LAN submenu. An in order to change the PLDT wifi password, put the desired password in the Pre-Shared Key Textbox. Click apply to implement the changes. And that’s it!

Summary: Go to Network ➡️ Wireless LAN ➡️ Change the current password in the Pre-Shared Key Textbox ➡️ Apply

PLDT modem router configuration dashboard - BaudTec and other brands

For BaudTec and modems similar to this one, click on the Setup Menu above. Then click on WLAN on the left sidebar and chose Security Submenu. Change the current PLDT wifi password by typing the desired password on the Pre-Shared Key Textbox. Click on Apply Changes button below and wait for the WLAN to reset. After the reset, there will be a red attention message box on the left sidebar saying “Attention, Config is modified to make it effective forever“, click on the Save button. That’s it. You have now a new wifi password.

Summary: Go to Setup ➡️ WLAN ➡️ Security ➡️ Change the current password in the Pre-Shared Key Textbox ➡️ Apply Changes ➡️ Attention Save

If along the way you messed up something or changed some settings whether intentional or not, you can always count on the black reset button in your modem. Press it for around 10 seconds and it will reset everything to default settings. If not, maybe that’s not the reset button or you didn’t press it long enough.

That was the 3 easy steps in order to change your PLDT Home DSL Wifi Password. I hope it worked in your end. If you have any concerns or useful information you want to add, do let us know in comment.

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