How to Access PLDT modem settings: 2 Ways

There are 2 ways to access your PLDT modem settings. Technically, you want to access your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) Interface. Given your ISP is PLDT and for whatever purposes you may want to implement, these are the easy ways on how to do it.

How to Access PLDT modem settings 2 Ways

How to Access PLDT modem settings: 2 Ways

1. Default Procedure

There is a default procedure on how to access your PLDT modem or router settings whether you are using PLDT Home DSL or Home Fibr.

  • First, make sure your computer is connected to the PLDT modem via LAN cable.
  • Second, open your internet browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.).
  • Third, go to this URL: Make sure to include the http:// or just click that link.
  • Finally, if you can see a Login Interface, enter the default login credentials and you are good to go.

If you don’t know the default login credentials, read ➡️ Default Admin Username and Password of PLDT Home DSL | Fibr | Ultera

Most people are having problem in the last step. Most users get an error of “This site can’t be reached” or it just keeps on buffering. This is when you try the alternative procedure below. Basically, it’s just almost the same but there’s only one process that needs to be changed.

2. Alternative Procedure

It is common that is the Default Gateway where you can use to access your ISP Interface or PLDT modem settings. But sometimes it does not work for all that’s why this procedure will help you search for the correct gateway. This is most common case in PLDT Home Ultera.

Follow the second and first procedure above then for the third one, do this.

Open the command prompt. You can do this by pressing the Start Button + R. You’ll see a small window in the bottom left of your monitor that looks like the image below. Type the word cmd and hit the Enter key.

Press Start Button + R

You’ll see the command prompt and type ipconfig. It will show many information just like the image below. Scroll at the very top of it and find the Default Gateway. Type those digits in your browser. If successful, you’ll see the Login Interface of your ISP. Enter the default login credentials and that’s it!

Type ipconfig then press enter key

That was the 2 ways on how to access PLDT modem or router settings. I hope it worked in your end.

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