How To Block Wifi Users in PLDT Home DSL Modem

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to block wifi users in PLDT Home DSL Modem. Technically, the idea is the same on how to do it with other PLDT broadbands and varies only on the interface and some procedures.

If talking to your neighbors or hackers is not enough to prevent them from accessing your PLDT wifi, directly block them on your modem and your problem is solved. The device that has been blocked cannot connect to your PLDT wifi anymore. This is a step by step guide on how to block wifi users in PLDT with screenshots.

How To Block Wifi Users in PLDT Home DSL Modem

How To Block Wifi Users in PLDT Home DSL Modem

Step 1. Check the current users.

Given that you are doing this for the first time, the first thing you have to do is access your modem settings. To do this, open your browser. Go to this URL: and enter your default login credentials which is for username: adminpldt and for password: 1234567890.

If you are having trouble here, read this to help you out ➡️ How to Access PLDT modem settings: 2 Ways 

Now that you have successfully accessed the configuration interface of your modem or modem settings, you need to check first the current users or devices connected to your PLDT wifi. Since you don’t want to block your own devices or your mother’s or sister’s iPhone, determine first which devices you want to block.

In order for you to check the list of active devices, a separate article was written regarding this. It is brief and step by step guide and will only take 1 or 2 minutes to do it then continue with the next step below. Read ➡️ How to Know How Many Devices Are Connected to PLDT Wifi

Step 2. Copy the MAC Address of the device to block.

Assuming you have already checked which unauthorized devices you want to block, you need to copy the device’s MAC Address which stands for Media Access Control Address. In layman’s term, every device is assigned a specific MAC Address by its manufacturer so that if the device connects to a network (or Wifi Network), it can be identified and tracked.

So if you have already opened the table of active wifi users in your modem, highlight and copy (press Ctrl + C) the MAC Address of the device you want to block. You can find the MAC Address of the device in the MAC Address column of the table. Then proceed to the next step.

PLDT ZyXEL Modem Client List

This is the Screenshot of PLDT XyZEL client list. The Sample MAC Address of a connected phone is pointed by the yellow arrow.

Step 3. Add the MAC Adress to Block List.

The last thing you have to do is to block the MAC Address of the device which you have currently copied. As discussed in the article back on Step 1 regarding on how to show the list of active wifi users, you have probably knew the two popular modem brands that PLDT uses which are the BaudTec and ZyXEL. Below are the instructions on how to block the wifi users in PLDT BaudTec and ZyXEL modems.

PLDT BaudTec Modem

PLDT BaudTec Modem block wifi users

PLDT BaudTec Modem

Click on the Setup Menu on the top menu bar. Chose WLAN on the sidebar menus and click on Access Control List submenu. In the Wireless Access Mode, chose Deny Listed and click on Apply Changes Button (if Deny Listed is already chosen, skip this and continue). Normally, after clicking the Apply Changes button, wait for a few seconds for it to reset. Since you already copied the MAC Address, paste it in the MAC Address Textboxt but without the colon “:”. See the example beside it. After that, click on the Add Button and wait for few seconds to update. Click the Save Button below and that’s it! No more unauthorized device connected.

Fast Directions: Go to Setup ➡️ WLAN ➡️ Access Control List ➡️ Chose Deny Listed ➡️ Click Apply Changes (then wait of few seconds for automatic reset) ➡️ Paste the MAC Address in the Textbox (without colon “:”) ➡️ Click Add Button ➡️  Save Changes.




PLDT ZyXEL Modem block wifi users 2

PLDT ZyXEL Modem Block List

Chose Network Menu and click on the Wireless LAN submenu. On the MAC Filter field, click on Edit Button. A new tab will appear just like the second image below. In here, check the Active MAC Filter to turn on the filtering capability of the modem. Then chose the Deny filter action. In the table, paste the MAC Address of the device you want to block with the colons (“:”). And for the final move, click the Apply Button and that’s it!

Fast Directions: Go to Network ➡️ Wireless LAN ➡️ MAC Filter Edit Button ➡️ Check Active MAC Filter ➡️ Chose Deny ➡️ Paste MAC Address (with colon “:”)  ➡️ Click Apply Button.

In some modem brands, even though you have already blocked the MAC Address, it still on the client list or list of wifi users. Don’t worry, the device is already disconnected and have no access to the wifi. To validate this, you can try to block your phone and check the list of wifi users then check if you can still access the wifi network. But don’t forget to unblock it again after you have satisfied your curiosity. Just delete your MAC Address on your block list then save or apply changes. Turn off the wifi in your phone and turn on again.

That’s was the step by step guide on how to block wifi users in PLDT Home DSL modem. I hope it worked in your end. If you have anything to share regarding this topic, let us know in comment.

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