How to Pay PLDT Bills Online Using Credit Card

It is more convenient to pay PLDT bills online using credit card rather than going to the nearest PLDT office or Bayad Center. With the innovative online payment option called PLDT Pay Express Online, subscribers with credit card and ATM/debit card can skip the waiting line and easily make payment online in few minutes.

PLDT Pay Express Online is a web-based application by PLDT which serves as a quick online payment gateway. It can be accessed through a specific link that PLDT sends to their subscribers every month or though their mobile app.

How to Pay PLDT Bills Online Using Credit Card

The best part about this payment option is that there are no additional service fee and no registration needed. After a successful payment transaction, a confirmation email and text message will be sent to you while the official receipt will be included in the next printed bill or eStatement. This is a step by step guide on how to pay PLDT bills online using credit card.

 Useful Tip: You must update your contact details in order to be eligible to receive monthly billing statement sent through text message and email. You can do this by calling Customer Care Hotline at 171 or create a PLDT myHome Account.

How to Pay PLDT Bills Online Using Credit Card

There are 4 ways to make PLDT bills payment through PLDT Pay Express Online. You can access it though the electronic billing statement, using their mobile app, or scanning the QR Code on the paper bill. Chose the option that’s convenient for you.

1. via eStatement

PLDT sends an electronic billing statement to their subscribers at the end of every month though email. It also contains a link to PLDT Pay Express Online for the subscribers to pay the bill online.

First Step - Email

1. Email

First Step: Open your email account and check the email sent by for this month’s electronic billing statement given you are eligible to receive it monthly (read useful tip above). The bottom part of it contains a rectangular banner for PLDT Pay Express Online. Click the banner to start with the process.

Second Step - Credit Card Button

2. PLDT Pay Express Online Webpage

Second Step: Mark the checkbox displaying “I have reviewed the payment transaction above. I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.” Then, click on the Credit Card Button and you should be directed to Peso Pay Payment Service.

Third Step - Visa or MasterCard

3. Card Type Options

Third Step: Choose VISA or MasterCard depending on what type of card you are using. In my end, I’m using BPI ePrepaid MasterCard so I chose the MasterCard Icon.

Fourth Step - Card Information

4. Card Information

Fourth Step: Fill in the card information needed: Card NumberExpiry Date (mm/yyyy), Name as shown on card, and Card Verification Number (located at the back of your card).

Fifth Step - Payment Summary

5. Payment Summary

Fifth Step: Click the Submit button to process the payment. A pop-up summary should display and just click the OK button.

Sixth Step - OTP Code

6. OTP Code

Sixth Step: In this step, your bank’s security procedure should be followed to proceed. Your bank will send a code (called “One-Time Password“) through a text or email depending on your choice to validate your transaction with PLDT Express Online. Enter the sent code though email or SMS then click the Continue button. (I’m banking with BPI and I’ve chosen to receive an email confirmation code from them every time I have to pay for my PLDT Home DSL Subscription.)

Last Step - Envelope Icon

7. Transaction Summary Report

Last Step: After the verification and when the payment transaction is successful, a detailed payment summary will be displayed and you have the option to print it or send it to your email. To receive a copy through email, click the Continue button and enter your email then click the Envelope Icon to send.

That’s it. You have paid your PLDT Bill Online!

2. via SMS Link

Aside from the electronic statement sent in your email, every month you’ll also receive and SMS Statement with the PLDT Pay Express Online link at the bottom of it. You can simply click the link and it’s the same process above. The only difference is you are using a mobile phone. Refer to the images below.

SMS Message

The SMS Sent by PLDT every month.

Mobile PLDT Pay Express Online

Mobile PLDT Pay Express Online

3. via askPLDT App

Now, if you have not yet updated your PLDT account to be eligible to receive SMS and email billing statements, the best option is to install the askPLDT App. It’s a PLDT mobile app you can download in Appstore or Google Pay.

First - askPLDT app

1. askPLDT app

First, go to Appstore or Google Pay, download and install the askPLDT app.

Next - Balance Inquiry

2. Balance Inquiry

Next, open the app and go to Balance Inquiry by clicking the icon at the middle.

Then - Account Number

3. Account Number

Then, enter the 10 Digit Account Number and Telephone Number (0+Area Code + Tel No). Click Done or Press Enter and your account billing statement should be displayed.

Finally - Pay Now

4. Pay Now

Finally, click on the Pay Now button below to begin the online payment transaction. It’s the same procedure above.

4. via QR Code on Bill

Another way is scanning the QE Code on your billing statement. If you have a QR Code Reader installed in your phone, easily scan the QR Code in your Paper Billing Statement or eStatement. You’ll be directed to the PLDT Pay Express Online webpage.

Scan QR Code and Pay

Scan QR Code and Pay

You can find this QR code at the right middle corner of your paper bill or eStatement. To view your eStatement, you can log-in to your myPLDT Home Account. Chose Manage Option at the left side of your chosen account – Billing and Payment – Click Go Button under View Billing Statement – Select the Latest Month Bill to download.

Friendly Reminder: After you have made a successful payment and you can still see the amount to be paid reflected in your PLDT myHome Account Dashboard, relax and don’t be hasty. The payment validation usually takes few minutes or few hours.

That was the step by step guide on How to Pay PLDT Bills Online Using Credit Card though the innovative PLDT Pay Express Online. It works fine by me every time and I never had any trouble with it. Should you have any additional useful information or questions regarding this topic, do let us know in comment section below.

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