How to Cancel PLDT Home DSL Subscription

There are few easy steps to follow in order to cancel PLDT Home DSL Subscription. For any reasons behind the cancellation whether moving to a new place or choosing other internet service provider, its appropriate to settle first the account.

The contract/agreement takes into consideration when requesting an account termination. For a PLDT Home DSL Subscription with Landline, it should be in 2 years contract. If you are still under contract or the proper term should be “in lock-in period“, a termination fee will be applied.

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 About Pre-Termination Fee: A pre-termination fee is 3x the monthly subscription bill. Take for example the PLDT Home DSL Internet Subscription + Landline under 2 years contract with ₱1,699.00 monthly bill. Your pre-termination fee should be ₱5,097.00 (₱1,699.00 x 3).

In case you have add-on subscriptions like TVolution Stick or any, it should be terminated separately and not included along the PLDT Home DSL Account Cancellation.

There’s no termination fee if the subscription is beyond contract’s lock-in period.

Steps to Cancel PLDT Home DSL Subscription

  1. Call PLDT Customer Service Hotline Number 172 (optional) – Talk to a customer representative regarding your request of subscription termination. Discuss about the pre-termination fee if it is applicable in your account.
  2. Prepare a Letter of Termination – A simple letter should be enough that must include the account holder name, account number, landline number, and reason/s of account termination.
  3. Settle your account in the PLDT Office – The final step is to go to the nearest PLDT Office and settle your account. Bring the Letter of Termination, 1 valid ID and enough cash. So it’s better to talk to a customer representative first to know the exact amount you have to pay.

PLDT Home DSL subscription termination takes about 2 – 3 weeks to process from the request date.

 To provide an accurate guide, I personally talked to a customer representative to clarify and confirm the procedure and information.

That was the step by step guide on how How to Cancel PLDT Home DSL Subscription. Should you have any clarifications, do let us know in comment section below.

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